Did You Know If You Store Strawberries In A Glass Jar They’ll Last For Weeks?

Berries are not only in season for only a short period, but they are also hard to store and keep fresh for a long time. But someone managed to uncover a hack of how to store strawberries efficiently and keep them fresh.

4,000 Beagles Are Being Rescued From a Virginia Facility. Now They Need New Homes.

Unfortunately, more and more breeding facilities around the country have been accused of mistreatment of animals, and this Virginia-based one is no different. The breeding facility from Cumberland, VA was home to more than 4,000 beagles and they have all been rescued after Envigo ...

According to Science, Teaching Kids Swear Words Is Actually A Good Thing

Every parent knows that teaching their kids swearwords is not a desirable thing. Of course, sometimes swearwords inevitably slip out in front of kids and the parent’s reaction tends to be one of embarrassment. Hopefully, the kid won’t notice and pick up the word and teach the ...

Woolly Bear Caterpillar Winter Predictor

Most people in the Midwest or New England have heard at one time or another that if you want a forecast for the upcoming winter that you should just look for a woolly bear (black at both ends and a reddish brown or rust colored in the middle) or fuzzy bear caterpillar. This same caterpillar ...

Super Mario Aquarium Pieces Let You Build Your Own Mario Level In Your Fish Tank

Mario enthusiasts are going to love this décor piece. They are pieces of a tiny Mario universe that can be assembled and placed in a fish tank, so you’ll have a personalized and very cool piece of design to display inside your tank. The package lets you build your own Super Mario ...

Unbelievable Video Shows Humpback Whale Scooping Two Women Into Its Mouth

Almost getting swallowed by a humpback whale is not how you would want to start your holiday. In 2020, Julie McSorley and Liz Cottriel’s holiday almost ended in tragedy when the two went kayaking in the San Luis Obispo Bay in California.

Ingenious Umbrella Flask

These are designed to look like regular umbrellas so you can fill them with your favorite alcohol and take it to any indoor and outdoor event. Any suspicious eyes will quickly look over your umbrellas and allow you to bring your flask almost anywhere. These are available in the link ...

Mushroom Shaped Kids Playhouse Tent

This life-sized mushroom playhouse really brings woodland or forest pretend play to life! Measuring 61.5″ tall x 32.5″ diameter and made of a PVC frame and cotton cover, the playhouse makes a fantastic reading nook or sleepover tent.

These Embroidered Vegetables Look Like They Were Plucked Straight From a Garden

Never underestimate the power of art when it comes to inspiring people to see everyday objects in a different light. Japanese artist @konekono_kitsune made the needle and thread the weapons of her choice and creates the most beautiful embroidery
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