There Are Now Spurs That You Can Attach To The Back Of Your Crocs

Have you ever wished you could transform your Crocs into cowboy shoes? Most probably not, but in case you want to own a funny piece of footwear, you can now buy spurs that can be attached to your pair of crocs.

Glass Art by Laurel Yourkowski

Glass art is fascinating as it can be put into so many perspectives, depending on the lighting. Glass artists learn and practice for many years to truly master the art of glass-making, as it requires patience and a lot of sleepless nights.

5 Upcycled Garden Projects

Even though Summer began a month ago, it is still not late to plan a makeover for your garden. Since the good weather is here to stay, this is the best time for outdoor DIY projects and upcycling of old objects. If you love spending time in your garden, but feel like the place needs ...

Ranching Crocs Are A Thing Now

Crocs are one of the most controversial footwear ever created. You cannot stay indifferent to Crocs, as you either hate or love them. But this next variation of the famous Crocs is pretty hard to pass unnoticed, and honestly, quite hard to love as well.

Now You Can Get A Floating Grill That Lets You BBQ Right On The Water

This genius idea of a floating grill was born in a summer in 2016 when two brothers were chilling on a lake and exchanging ideas The brainstorming led them to establish a small business and launch this clever floating barbecue grill, Float `N` Grill.

Chainsaw Artist Turns Damaged Tree into Hand Reaching for the Sky

True artists see potential in any piece o material, even the most severed ones. Artist Simon O’Rourke found his inspiration in a tree that was formerly known as the tallest tree in Wales. But once the tree was damaged by a storm and scheduled to be cut down, the Natural Resource ...

This Solar Tube Brings Natural Sunlight Into Dark Rooms Using No Electricity

How amazing it would be to be able to light up every room, even those that are in darker corners and natural light does not reach them? With this cool new invention, this can become possible, as the Solatube is here to solve every architect’s problem.

This Giant Hanging Sloth Lounger Looks Like The Ultimate Relaxation Spot

Sloths are well-known for their laziness and they are the sole embodiment of relaxation. So if you want to feel 100% relaxed, just like a sloth, you need to invest in this giant hanging sloth lounger chair. This giant lounger is perfect for sitting, chilling, and even sleeping as ...

An adhesive floor decal that turns your bathroom into a sandy beach

Are you ready for the ultimate bathroom makeover? If you want to feel like it’s Summer all year long, you should turn your bathroom floor into this beach floor. It is easier than you would think, as you can use a self-adhesive beach floor mural that looks almost too real. The adhesive ...
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