Baby Socks Flower Bouquet Tutorial


If you are looking for a sweet present to give to your friend’s or relative’s baby shower, than you’ve reached the right place! We found this amazingly simple DIY project that will impress any receiver of it as a gift. So we definitely wanted to share this adorable idea on how to make a Baby Socks Flower Bouquet with all of the handmade enthusiasts out there. Here is the list of items needed to finish the project. The instructions are written below it, but the pictures kind of give away the whole DIY process.

• baby socks
• yarn or 1/8-inch ribbon in matching or contrasting color
• pop sticks
• Container for arrangement
• some flowers (here’s are used Gypsophila)
• tissue paper, gift grass to cover floral foam


Now, if you have all supplies . you can start, it’s easy to make .. all you have to do is follow the steps in the link below… Enjoy !

Baby Socks Flower Bouquet Tutorial – by “With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart Blog”


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  1. Kimberly says:

    I really don’t see clear instructions here. How many pop sticks? What are they going to used for? What is the string used in? Most important how do you even make this arrangement?? It’s very cute and I would love to give this a try but without instructions how do I go about doing so? Thank you so much!!

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