Build a Kitchen Island with Pantry Storage


If you have a smaller kitchen, but still want to have the option of a lot of storage units, then you can easily make a mobile kitchen island. The one from this next project is made out of timber and has a great pantry with a lot of storage space. This island is really cool as you can move it around in your kitchen, so you can easily clean below it or redecorate your space anytime you like. Besides, you will have plenty of space to store your fruits, vegetables, kitchen towels and all sorts of other ingredients. And the best part? You can use both the front and the back of the pantry, so this is a pretty ingenious item.


1 XL Crate
2 Large Crates
2 Medium Crates
3 Vegetable Crates
1 Half Crate
5 Small Crates
1 tall wall crate (optional)
1 half wall crate (optional)
1 wood frame (optional)
1 sheet 3/4 plywood

More ideas:


Kitchen Island with Pantry Storage – full instructions here…


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