Build Your Own Backyard Smoker – DIY


Having a smokehouse in the backyard can be a real advantage, as you can have freshly smoked meat and even preserve food at any time.








13 Responses to “Build Your Own Backyard Smoker – DIY”

  1. Daniel says:

    Where are the written out instructions for the backyard smoker? All I see is pictures… words would be very helpful.

  2. Aroha says:

    Hi. Very interested in your site.

  3. Gerardo says:

    Also, where would you get there little door ?

  4. Louann Schildknecht says:

    description of the materials would be really handy so that a person gets the right materials the first time and don’t burn the fields around me down

  5. Lonnie says:

    Yes word would help out alot on how to build it like the measurements how deep is the fire pit how long is the smile tunnel

  6. Derek says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words. I think it was a little too wordy.

  7. Rein says:

    perfectly presented. who did not understand how to get ready. can buy from me

  8. cELlery Blackrock says:

    HEY, FOLKS: Please GOOGLE: how to build a backyard smokehouse

  9. Frederick says:

    So please tell me because I have heard that meats cannot be smoked in the summer and fall.
    I think it has something to do with too much exterior heat increasing the total heat within the smoke box.
    Supposedly, meats can only be safely smoked during winter months in temps below 60 degrees. Cold Smoking v hor smoking????

    Could someone with knowledge answer this question for me?

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