Cabin and House Plans by Estemerwalt

5. Clearfield Log Cabin / 3 Bedrooms – 1 Bathrooms – 1,327 Square Footage







6. Huntingdon Log Cabin / 4 Bedrooms – 4 Full, 2 Half Bathrooms – 1,327 Square Footage


7. Plumadore Log Cabin / 4 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms – 2,520 Square Feet

Estemerwalt-log-homes-plan-13 Estemerwalt-log-homes-plan-14



8. Tioga Log Cabin / 4 Bedrooms / 2,5 Bathrooms – 3,678 Square Feet

Estemerwalt-log-homes-plan-16 Estemerwalt-log-homes-plan-17 Estemerwalt-log-homes-plan-18

Estemerwalt Log Homes
In Person: 505 Adams Pond Road
Honesdale, Pennsylvania 18431 USA

23 Responses to “Cabin and House Plans by Estemerwalt”

  1. Jeff Reinert says:

    I love the house. Would like more plans for smaller, and less expensive homes. I’m interested in building my own, and in sales. The area would probably be eastern Colorado or northeast Kansas.

  2. Tico Carreras says:

    I love your designs, are these like factory ordered homes, and if so what are the cost ranges?

  3. Jane says:

    How the hell are these called cabins?

    • Cher says:

      Thank you Jane, that is exactly what I said. These are not cabins these are space and resource wasting houses made to appear like cabins. Very disappointing.

  4. Mark McCollough says:

    What is the basic price of the Cameron #4 and the Clearfield #5 as they are in the pictures.

    Thank you, Mark McCollough

  5. Patricia Carrier says:

    We are retired. Do you have anything smaller? Also, do you just build the shell, with electric, and plumbing, and let people finish the inside themselves to save them up front cash? I have Iras, but need to sell our place first.

  6. Patricia Carrier says:

    WE want some price ideas, and want to know if you have anything smaller? We are retired.

  7. Donna says:

    yes, every time I see where the ad talks about the architectural projects and……design elements…hummm. all I see is dollar signs. I want a smaller log cabin…not bigger. I want something I can pay off in like 5 years or less and not have to have a mortgage for 30 years.

    yes, a house that costs $50,000 ends up costing you actually $190,000 over 30 years!!! No thanks.

  8. Skeptical Gal says:

    The way the porch roof joins the house roof demonstrates the limitations of this kit.

    Great squirrel shelter, but that’s it!

    It’s not exactly a minor thing in this plan which has two porches the full width of the house.

    It will look a lot more questionable in real life.

  9. Beverly Johnson says:

    We are interested into something around 1000 sq ft. We have land in Colorado.

  10. randy hollis says:

    how much for this unit ..material only .

  11. Steve says:

    How much for the Blair log cabin

  12. Cindy b says:

    Do you have a catalog?

  13. Suzanne says:

    People, you need to go to the website for the company that builds these houses for these questions.

  14. House Design says:

    When it comes to designing a tiny house for a family I thing there some important things to think about when it comes to the layout, storage, number of rooms etc

  15. Buffie Taylor says:

    It’s there a floor plan available for the blair cabin?

  16. oscar salazar ramos says:

    los felicito muy lindas cabañas quisiera comprar unacpara construirla en costa rica

  17. Ramin says:

    Hi, I am Ramin and I live in Iran. I made a wooden replica of one of the photos you posted in small dimensions, if you would like me to send you my replica photo

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