People Are Turning Home Depot Tuff Sheds Into Affordable Two-Story Tiny Homes

A two-story house is not an affordable investment, but what if there was a budget-friendly alternative for it? People have started to invest in prefab sheds and turned them into cozy homes, large enough for a small family. These prefab sheds don’t cost a lot, can be transformed ...

Tiny Homes Of The Ancient World Celtic Iron Age Roundhouses

Tiny houses have been around since ancient times, as it was the most convenient way to build shelter and keeping one’s family safe during the cold season. But modern days have brought us a need for expansion, more space, and the need to own large homes.

Affordable Log Cabin Near The Beach

Log cabins can be very affordable if you opt for a smart and small design. This log cabin has all the features you might need to enjoy a short vacation or even a longer stay, as it is equipped with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and a living room.

Moon Dragon Tiny House

How would you like to live in a fairytale-like home? This tiny house looks like it has been transported in our world from a Tolkien novel and all thanks to Zyl Vardos, a builder specialized in tiny homes. Each of their designs is custom made, according to the client’s needs, and ...

3 x 20ft Shipping Containers Turn Into Amazing Compact Home

I’m always amazed at how people can turn shipping containers, hard, cold metal boxes, into some of the most beautiful, warm and welcoming homes. That’s exactly what this young couple from Victoria have done, transforming 3 20ft shipping containers into a wonderful, functional ...

The Honeymoon Cabin In Idaho Has Spectacular Mountain Views

Some cabins are just perfect to celebrate special moments, and such is this cabin building called Honeymoon Cabin and is part of The Redfish Lake Lodge. The name is self-explanatory, as the cabin is an intimate one and can be the perfect getaway for a couple. The private deck of the ...

Gorgeous Shipping Container Home

Hi everybody. We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Bow Valley, Canada. Who said shipping-container homes can’t be glamorous? There are plenty of beautiful alternative homes, many of them built inside grain bins or shipping containers.

Victorian Farmhouse Grain Bin Home

This farmhouse is an eco-friendly family retreat built out of grain bins, recreating the looks and feel of a Victorian-styled home. The two grain bins were used to create the sidewalls of the house and then rest was built around them.

Couple Turned Shipping Containers Into A Unique Northern Territory Experience

Who would have thought that shipping containers can be turned into minimalist cabins? Roger and Vivian Latham, both have a very artistic eye and managed to turn some regular shipping containers into a beautiful tiny mansion. The property is located at a 90-minute drive from Darwin, ...
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