This Gorgeous Home Has Been Perfectly Designed for Entertaining Large Groups

Log homes have such a special feel and come in so many shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking to build a new home for your family or just a vacation house, log homes can be a great choice either way. This amazing log house built by Katahdin Cedar Log Homes is a 2354 square feet ...

600 Sq Ft Asian Inspired Houseboat

A house on a boat sounds like a dream home. Just imagine how great it would be to wake up in the morning, go out on your boat’s deck and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while watching the waterway. This beautiful Asian inspired houseboat is all that and even more,

Tiny House With An Inspiring Interior

Tiny houses are still very popular, and the trend is not looking to fade anytime soon. They are perfect for every budget, as you can adapt the design according to your needs and still enjoy the comfort of a large home but on a smaller scale. This beautiful 750 square foot tiny home ...

Amazon Is Selling A Tiny House Cabin Complete with 5 Rooms

There is almost nothing that can’t be ordered on Amazon, and this cabin is the living proof. Once you start browsing, you will enter a black hole of infinite cabin kits on Amazon, that can be ordered to build a cabin by yourself. Allwood Avalon Cabin Kit is just one example and ...

The Moominhouse – is simply magical

Moominhouse is a fictional house, where the Moomins live, in the tales by Finnish author Tove Jansson. Its tall, round shape is said to be patterned after the porcelain cocklestoves behind which the Moomins’ ancestors used to live. Moomin World is a theme park based on the Moomin ...

This Dream Tiny House Is A Total Game Changer

This stunning tiny house is packed full of amazing, game changing design! From the ultra clever, future-proofed layout and space-saving furniture to the incredible green-wall, exquisite reclaimed timbers and green-roof features, this truly is a dream tiny house.

People Are Turning Home Depot Tuff Sheds Into Affordable Two-Story Tiny Homes

A two-story house is not an affordable investment, but what if there was a budget-friendly alternative for it? People have started to invest in prefab sheds and turned them into cozy homes, large enough for a small family. These prefab sheds don’t cost a lot, can be transformed ...

Tiny Homes Of The Ancient World Celtic Iron Age Roundhouses

Tiny houses have been around since ancient times, as it was the most convenient way to build shelter and keeping one’s family safe during the cold season. But modern days have brought us a need for expansion, more space, and the need to own large homes.

Affordable Log Cabin Near The Beach

Log cabins can be very affordable if you opt for a smart and small design. This log cabin has all the features you might need to enjoy a short vacation or even a longer stay, as it is equipped with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and a living room.
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