A Dresser Turned Into A Lizard Terrarium

For this project, we had an old dresser laying around. I used a large sheet of 3″ thick styrofoam insulation, cut it into desert rock-ish shapes with a utility knife, gorilla glued it all together, and filled any gaps with spray foam insulation.

Samsung Redesigned Its TV Boxes to be Easily Converted Into Cat Houses and Entertainment Centers

Samsung is taking a step forward towards becoming more sustainable as it thought of a clever way of recycling its TV boxes. They came up with a box that can be easily transformed by anyone at home into cat houses or entertainment centers. How cool is this idea? Their packaging can ...

Huge black bear spotted relaxing in a pool is one big summer mood

Bears need to relax too, especially after a long and hot summer day. A woman in Virginia spotted a black bear taking a nap in her yard in no other place than her children’s pool. Regina Keller, who is used to home encounters with wild animals took a picture of the sleeping bear ...

Teacher Transforms Desks Into Socially Distanced ‘Trucks’ To Make Classroom Fun Instead of Scary

Going back to school after a pandemic is something no kid experienced before and it is a hard task for both parents and teachers. Finding safe ways to bring children back to school this Fall has been on the agenda of every government. Adapting to this „new normal” will not be ...

This Trampoline Tent Cover Makes Camping Out In Your Backyard A Dream Come True

Camping can be so much fun if you find the right spot and company for this outdoor activity. If you don’t have time to go on a camping trip, you can always organize a fun session in your backyard and having a trampoline can make this very easy.

A remote island in Ireland is looking for 2 friends to live there for free and run its coffee shop

How would you like to live on a remote dream island, and run a business there? Sound like a dream, which can become true with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Kindergarten “Lifes a Beach” classroom idea!

source: Crafty Morning

Awesome Pool Boat

Having a pool is every home owner’s dream. It is the perfect place for relaxing and you can avoid crowded swimming pools, especially in these times of social distancing.

Forget Drive-Ins: Paris Hosts Floating Movie Theater With Socially Distant Boats On Seine River

The coronavirus pandemic brought a lot of changes to everyday life and once summer came, social distancing started to become even harder. Once lockdowns ended and people started roaming on the streets, a lot of large cities had to come up with creative ways of spending summer outdoors ...
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