Easy Crochet Flower Embellishment

If you love crocheting but have run out of pattern ideas, then this video will be perfect. You will learn how to crochet a beautiful flower which can be then applied to a piece of clothing or an accessory.

Beautiful 50-Foot-Tall Sculpture Pays Tribute to Native American Women in South Dakota

South Dakota is home to one of the most iconic sculptures that stand tall in the wind as a tribute to the Native Nations of the Great Plains region. The 50-foot-tall sculpture is named Dignity of Earth and Sky and it represents the figure of an Indigenous woman who wears a Plains-style ...

400,000 LEGO Used to Create Full-Size Volkswagen Camper with Retro Interior

The Volkswagen camper is already considered a cult car, and it has been featured in movies, commercials, and even photoshoots. But for the true fans of the VW camper, two LEGO-certified master makers have built something really special that will capture their attention. The two made ...

Giant Lion Carved from Single Tree Trunk Took 20 People 3 Years to Complete

This giant lion sculpture is proof of what can happen when people join their forcing to create something greater than themselves. The sculpture was entitled Oriental Lion and it required the help of 20 people and 3 years to complete. The team of carvers was led by Dengding Rui Yao, ...

Massive 20-Story Flower Mural Sprouts From Jersey City Skyline

Mona Caron is an artist who wanted to bring nature closer to the urban area of Jersey City. The San Francisco-based artist created an amazing flower mural that now stands tall on the Jersey City skyline and it’s 20-story tall.

Father And Son Converted A School Bus Into A Tiny Mobile House

Having a house on wheels offers so much mobility and freedom, as you don’t have to choose one single place to call your home. Patrick Schmidt is a son who decided to change his lifestyle and transform a school bus into a house, and his dad was there to offer his support. He bought ...

Renaissance-Era Venetian Beads Found in Alaska Were There Before Columbus

Recently discovered artifacts tell us something surprising about the history and what we know about the discovery of America. In popular culture, the discovery of the New World is attributed to Columbus, but recent findings tell a different story, one in which Columbus might not have ...

Couple Converts School Bus Into A Stunning Dream House On Wheels

How would you like to own your dream house and take it with you if you decided to move to another city? This is now possible thanks to the multitude of DIY projects about how to transform an RV or school busses into homes.

A Massive Solar Power Farm Will Be Built in California Desert

Deserts offer a lot of free space, but it is hard to build something on their premises as they are not very welcoming climate-wise. But what about building a solar power farm in a deserted area? Sounds like a pretty clever idea.
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