Toys for Goats to Keep Them Busy

Animals require a lot of care and attention, but also dedicated toys and playtime. So while finding the perfect toy for a small pet can be an easy job, when it comes to other domesticated animals, the task becomes harder. For instance, have you ever seen a toy for goats displayed ...

Company Is Using Plastic Bottles To Make Roads That Last 10x Longer Than Asphalt

The creation of plastic in 1907 marks an important point in mankind and the history of Earth. It is the year in which we created one of the most durable, but also environmentally harmful materials and we are starting to face the consequences now.

This Amazing Peacock Wedding Cake Uses Cupcakes For The Tail

Cakes can be more than just food if they are made by a talented baker who will take them to a next level. If you are looking for a beautiful birthday cake for someone close to you, than you can get in touch with this company that designes the most amazing cakes ever. They are called

Rottweiler Car Decal

Here’s a funny idea. Show your love for your favorite furry companion with these dog decals. Here you can find a number of different breeds. These are available in the link below…

Cheesecake Stuffed With Chocolate Covered Strawberries

These individual no-bake cheesecakes are beyond awesome! The sweet vanilla cheesecake is smooth, creamy and delicious as it sits on a buttery graham cracker crust. But wait….there is a surprise in the center of the cheesecake! A fresh, chocolate covered strawberry! Keep this little ...

VW Bus Planter

These VW BUS Planters are soo cute!! Succulent Arrangement, This carefree little Flower Power VW Hippy Van comes filled with brightly colored succulents, trimmed with moss! Carefree fun decor for home or office. This beautiful VW Bus Planter can be a perfect gift! Find it in the link ...

WE-SHED – One For You And Your Partner/Spouse

We love the way this customer finished out their 12×40 Premier Lofted Cabin. A man-cave or she-shed? A hunting cabin? A new office space? More storage space? A guest house or mother-in-law suite? The possibilities are truly endless. This is a great addition to any backyard!

A Horse Trailer turned into a Charming Mobile Bar

This horse trailer mobile bar is made with rustic wedding decor and drinks in mind, but there are a variety of ways in which you can incorporate a horse trailer camper into your life.

Florida GRAIN SILO Converted Into A TINY HOUSE

Turning unconventional spaces into homes is an ongoing trend that does not seem to be coming to an end soon. This is a custom cottage built into a Silo like you would see in an antique magazine, feels like it’s a rancher built it 100 years ago, yet we just finished in 2016. ...
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