Baby Albino Bat

Oh my goodness I love him!!! He is so adorable and well made! I love this baby bat, and sleep with her every night. This is made by Anna. Also you can find baby bats plush in the link below…

Vintage Camper Bird House

Spring and Summer bring the spirit of nesting for both us, and our feathered friends. This retro design was so fun to build! I took ideas from old photographs from a trailer I once had (a 1974 Scotty). The construction of the birdhouse is fairly simple, but the details leave endless ...

Mini Picnic Table

Summer is here and one of my favorite things to do is grill out and enjoy a nice evening on the patio. This mini picnic table kit serves as a whimsical coaster for my beer, or it can hold condiments such as ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper, for when I make hot dogs.

School’s Solar Panel Savings Give Every Teacher up to $15,000 raises

Arkansas school turns solar power savings into teacher pay A school in Arkansas has given each of its teachers a pay rise of up to $15,000 after installing solar panels. The Batesville School District installed a total of 1,500 solar panels in the last two years.


Turn old, unwanted shirts into adorable aprons for cooking! Super easy DIY, great for beginner sewers! Full DIY onhow to upcycle your clothes into something fabulous here:

Turn an old trampoline into a beautiful garden archway!

This Artist Creates the Most Amazing Paper Cranes with Feathery Details

Cristian Marianciuc is a very talented paper artist, who established a challenge to himself, and namely to create 1000 origami cranes in 1000 days. He started working on this challenge in 2015, and after reaching his objective, Marianciuc couldn’t stop making the cranes which resulted ...

Crafty Kamala Harris is the new star of the crochet community

Doing an arts and crafts project has lots of benefits. Besides stimulating creativity and learning how to focus on one thing, it can also encourage children to be more responsible in finishing a project they started. Vice President, Kamala Harris is among those who picked up crocheting ...

Easy crochet girl’s booties

Crocheting is such a calming activity, and if you like surprising your friends with handmade gifts, a crochet item is always a good idea. If you have friends with newborns or there’s an upcoming baby shower in the near future, these adorable crochet boots are here to inspire you. Don’t ...
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