The Chicken Spaceship Coop

A chicken coop in Idaho is out of this world! If you have a lot of chickens and there is a need of building a new coop, you can let this futuristic design inspire you. UFO enthusiasts are going to love this spaceship-like coop and there is plenty of space inside for all your chicks. ...

Toilet Roll Ornament Pattern

2020 so far has been anything but normal! And a few months ago if you walked into a supermarket, there always seemed to be one isle that was empty……yep TOILET ROLLS!! WHY! I just didn’t understand! And I think this baffled me most! So, this was the motivation behind ...

Make Handprint Christmas Tree & Wreath with the Family!

We have a lovely DIY project for today, a project perfect for spending a nice weekend before Christmas with the family. It’s a family Handprint Christmas Tree, which will look great in your living room. Handprint are is quite popular today, as you can find different art projects ...

Cheapest DIY Renovation Ideas: Fence Stenciling

Sometimes refreshing the look of your home can start with small steps, such as redecorating your outdoor space or just repainting the fence. Since your fence is the first thing that everyone sees when they come to your house, it might be a good idea to give it a new look. This doesn’t ...

These Sprinklers Turn Your Trampoline Into A Splash Pad

Living in a house with a yard comes with lots of benefits, especially if you have kids. Having an outdoor space for summer activities is great and trampolines are a must-have these days. But if you want to take your trampoline game to the next level and build an entire adventure park ...

Outstanding Rooster Mosaic

Would you be interested in rooster mosaic art? Would you love to have something so vibrant in your home. It would look amazing by itself, or with some decorative plates on either side of it on the wall.

How to Carve a Simple VW Camper Van Pumpkin

Halloween is right around the corner, and whether you’re planning to celebrate indoors or outside, an easy way to get into the holiday spirit is to take on a pumpkin-carving challenge.

Cow Crochet Pattern

Love these cows! Cutest crochet cows i’ve ever seen!!! The pattern is easy to follow and detailed. It is well written and illustrated. I really liked that there were short tutorial video links so I could learn how to do the parts I didn’t know how to do.

Pandemic canning is so popular, stores are running out of jars and other supplies

Haley Lancaster, a high school teacher in Vincennes, Ind., had always been intimidated by the idea of canning. She remembered her grandmother’s shelves lined with gleaming rows of giant jars full of beans and other vegetables, and the pressure cooker she used to fill them.
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