Beautiful Purple Crochet Table Runner

This table runner pattern is so beautiful. You can use it on a dinning table or an a coffee table to welcome guests. Just imagine how attractive it will look with a large candle centerpiece. You can use it from one season to the next to dress your table stylishly! This beautiful purple ...

Holiday Wine Bottle Light

Beautiful Holiday and Christmas, Winter themed wine bottle lights. These are absolutely stunning! Made from up-cycled wine and liquor bottles! Choose the perfect light for your home! These will be made out of a standard 750 ml

Teacher Transforms Desks Into Socially Distanced ‘Trucks’ To Make Classroom Fun Instead of Scary

Going back to school after a pandemic is something no kid experienced before and it is a hard task for both parents and teachers. Finding safe ways to bring children back to school this Fall has been on the agenda of every government. Adapting to this „new normal” will not be ...

This Trampoline Tent Cover Makes Camping Out In Your Backyard A Dream Come True

Camping can be so much fun if you find the right spot and company for this outdoor activity. If you don’t have time to go on a camping trip, you can always organize a fun session in your backyard and having a trampoline can make this very easy.

Kindergarten “Lifes a Beach” classroom idea!

source: Crafty Morning

People are making tiny chocolate chip cookies into cereal, and it’s the hottest new food trend on TikTok

Every cereal-lover knows that chocolate chips cookie cereals are the best and hottest items. There are even times when finding this specific type of cereal can be challenging so why not try to make it at home? Chocolate chip cookies are great with milk, which means tiny pieces of ...

DIY Weed-Be-Gone Spray – Better Alternative To Harsh Chemicals

Spraying your garden with all sorts of industrial chemicals can do more harm than good. Instead of buying products sold by gardening department stores, why now make your products at home? This way you can keep track of what ingredients you use and can make sure that your garden stays ...

This Rose Carving is Absolutely Gorgeous!

Christopher LaMontagne is an artist and master craftsman who transforms concepts into masterpieces. Christopher is based in a small town called Sterling, Connecticut which is located in the Northeastern part of the United States.

People Send Pics Of Their Pets To This Artist And She Disneyfies Them (15 Pics)

Disneyfication seems to be an actual term and it came into existence since 1959 when sociologists firts used it to describe the transformation through globalization of the society to resemble Walt Disney Parks. But Isa Bredt, a Dutch illustrator picked up the term and created a new ...
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