Remote Scottish Isle Of Rum Looking for Hardy People to Live Off The Grid

There are lots of remote islands around the world and once in a while, there comes a dream job, where an administrator is needed to take care of these secluded places. This next dream job was posted by the administrative bodies


This project is made by Cyrille from BubbleStitchQuilts. How to faucet an old night stand in a brand new play kitchen? It is more easy than it seems! This is the one I have just made for my 2 years old son.

Artist Arranges Stones and Leaves Into Mesmerizing Mandalas and Spirals

Land art is among the most ephemeral forms of art, as many times the force of nature is more powerful than the artist’s creation and the piece vanishes forever. Land artists tend to choose spaces where they have lots of natural resources at their disposal, and the beach seems to ...

Woman Transforms Old TV Into a Unique Terrarium for Her Cacti Collection

Old items can be recycled beautifully into new decoration pieces, and this next idea will surely inspire you. If you have a re tro television set at home, think twice before throwing it away, especially if you’re a plant enthusiast. Artist Tarrah Schiller came up with a great idea ...

Goth Chicken Is Completely Black from Its Feathers to Its Bones

A goth chicken is not something you’d expect to see in a coop, right as it sounds more like the name of famous artwork. The Ayam Cemani is one of the most unique-looking chickens of the world, as it is a fully black chicken, from head to toes. The Ayam Cemani has its origins in ...

12 YEARS Living Off-Grid on a Sustainable Homestead in a Self-Built Cob Home

Bryce and Misty have spent the last 12 years building a cob home, homesteading, living off the grid, and homeschooling their two daughters. They live without a car, so for transportation, they use taxis and bicycles, and they eventually hope to have a cart that their two

Resin Naughty Dog Spitter Fountain

This Fountain made me laugh. Now you can enhance your pond or water feature with this very funny fountain. According to the manufacturer thsi is made from high-quality

Incredible Phenomenon Makes Chicago Skyline Visible in Sunsets From Nearly 50 Miles Away

    This amazing picture was captured in a unique moment in time when an unusual natural phenomenon made the Chicago sunset spectacular. The image of the Chicago skyline was captured from 50 miles away, and the weather conditions proved to be perfect for this shot. During ...

A 9-year-old girl is building shelters for the homeless because she thinks ‘everyone should have a place to live’

If only half of the people would be so thoughtful as 9-year-old Hailey Ford, the world would be a better place. Hailey, a resident of Bremerton, Washington started a big project through which she wishes to build 11 tiny homes for the homeless.
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