Crochet Owls Hats That Make you SQUEE!

Winter is almost here which means it’s time to prepare warm and cozy clothes for your children. Well, what about making them some? What other better time can there be for sitting inside and crocheting something that will keep your baby warm all winter?

Building a house from pallets. From start to finish

Building a house is not an easy task, as years of training are required even for professionals to master such a skill. But what about building a house from pallets? This sounds like a more doable task for amateur builders.

Is this the best pan EVER? The 5-in-1 Breakfast pan has five sections designed to make cooking easier

This frying pan has been winning over the Internet and people are rushing to order it to prepare the ultimate breakfast. It is a multi-way frying pan, having plenty of space to allow for a 5-in-1 breakfast and even brunch preparations. The pan can be ordered from the link below and ...

Spain to Ban Plastic Wrap for Fruits and Veggies

The plastic dump is one of the biggest environmental threats our planet faces, and sometimes extreme decisions need to be taken to end bad practices. Spain is taking an essential step in reducing plastic waste by banning plastic wrap for fruits and vegetables.

Couple Build Amazing Shipping Container Home For Debt-Free Living

This amazing shipping container home is guaranteed to impress! Constructed from one 20ft and one 40ft shipping container, this compact container home has it all! Built entirely as a DIY project, this home is filled with with some amazing features. Jaimie and Dave constructed their ...

Artist Hand-Carves an Ornate Patterned “Rug” Into a Wooden Floor

Working with wood offers so many possibilities, from furniture design to small design objects and even art installations. Selva Aparicio is a Spanish artist, who creates art that deals with social issues and brings into the public’s attention subjects such as politics, environment, ...

Caboose Transformed Into a Tiny House

There lots of tiny house projects that came to life after transforming industrial spaces or storage units into livable spaces. Many times, grain silos have found a new purpose in life and became stunning tiny homes with a warm atmosphere.

These Amazing Human Sculptures Disappear When You Look at Them From Certain Angles

Sculptor Julian Voss-Andreae makes sculptures that defy the laws of physics and conventions. The artist, who has a degree in quantum physics views sculpture as an integrated part of the universe and uses this medium to test the laws of nature and science. His sculptures, representing ...

A family of 4 built a private Tiny Village where the kids have their own homes

This story is amazing!. Tiny homes will never go out of style as they are affordable and easy to build. This Kentucky-based family has built a small village of tiny homes for the entire family, so they can all live in the same place but still maintain their privacy.
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