Photographer Captures “Water Bender” Turning Liquid into Sculptures Between Her Hands

Kyle Re Creative is a photographer who is always on the lookout for unique moments and he also describes himself as a „visual storyteller”. His most notable works are from the category of wedding and lifestyle photography, but playing around with photo editing is one of his main ...

Photographer Captures the Fairytale-Like Horses Who Roam Iceland’s Epic Landscape

Iceland is filled with beautiful and secluded places, so it is no wonder that photographers around the world are dreaming of visiting the country one day. Drew Doggett is a photographer, who has traveled the world in search of stunning places to capture on camera and Iceland was on ...

Farmer Spends 7 Years Building Incredible Spiral Ramp to His Barn

This amazing barn is located in Valldal, Norway and it is an example of the most stunning amateur building skills. The barn features an incredible spiral stone ramp which took 7 years of hard work to build and became famous in 2014 when it was published in Norway’s historic barns.

Iceland Tests Out a 4-Day Work Week and Meets Huge Success

The pandemic has brought to the surface a lot of workplace issues that have been postponed for too long. Burnout and overworking or doing extra time while working from home is even more widespread than before and a lot of companies are trying different approaches to tackle this problem.

Woman Publicly Exposes Her Cat as a Thief and Invites Neighbors To Reclaim Stolen Items

There is a burglar in Beaverton, Oregon, and it is one of the cutest burglars the Internet has ever seen. Her name is Esme, and she is the cat of Kate Felmet, who frequently wakes up to find all sorts of stolen objects on her front porch. All these items are, of course, brought there ...

Delicate Hand-Sewn Lace Figures are Harmoniously Fused to Real Pieces of Found Wood

Agnes Herczeg is a Hungarian artist who creates one-of-a-kind pieces using the technique of lace art and wooden frames. The frames are not traditional ones, as they are branches of wood found in nature to which she ties the lace pieces. Her works depict the delicacy of human existence ...

LOVE this Disney picture frame wall!

Photos with your family are something we all cherish and would like to keep near us all the time. What do you do when you want to follow that rule but also have a creative decor? Well, you take one of the clever ideas for displaying family pictures we supply you with! There are lots ...

Rustic Handmade Shoe Rack

These simple shoe racks have transformed our entryway in such a good way! These shoes racks can be layered or simple used alone to store all of your families shoes.

Washer & Dryer make over, HAND PAINTED and clear coated!

Faith is a fabulous artist, there is nothing she can’t do. She is honest, sweet and reasonably priced. (Review) This woman paints household appliances to look like they’re made of wood. I love all the detail on her artwork. She has an amazing talent.
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