Tonight: Partial lunar eclipse will be longest since the reign of Henry VI

November 19th will be an important day for the lovers of the night sky, as they are in for a treat. Between Thursday and Friday night, a large part of the planet is going to witness a partial lunar eclipse and it will be the longest one in almost 600 years.

Man banned from all-you-can-eat BBQ for eating too much

All-you-can-eat restaurants are many people’s favorites, even though no one can ever really eat as much as they imagine. These restaurants rely on the fact that people will feel full quickly and they will limit themselves to their regular food input. But a man from China managed ...

A Group Of Schoolchildren In Georgia Built A Tiny Home For A Homeless Veteran And His Wife

A veteran in need and his wife got a surprise they call an “answered prayer”: a new roof over their heads, in the form of a tiny house made by local school children and volunteers. “I don’t have the words to tell you what we feel,” said a tearful Eddie ...

The World’s Largest Intact Ancient Mosaic

Mosaic floors are true treasures and many stand the test of time and hide inside majestic buildings all over the world. There are a lot of mosaic floors which have been built in ancient times, and a lot of them can be found in the Mediterranean area and the Near East.

17th-Century Warship Pulled From Icy Baltic Sea Is Almost Perfectly Preserved

Sockholm’s Vasa Museum is home to one of the most iconic ships ever pulled out by archaeologists from deep-sea waters, and it goes by the name of Vasa. The ship is a 17th-century treasure, fully preserved

Tired Boy And His Cow Lose Out At Dairy Fair Fall Asleep And Win The Internet

Mitchell Miner is a 15-year-old boy from Iowa, who won over the Internet after being caught on camera while taking a nap with his cow. Yes, you’ve read that well, as Mitchell and his cow Audri have participated at the Iowa State Fair dairy kettle show. After a day full of visitors ...

Fairy doors appear in Surrey woodland and they look magical

Did you know that the residents of Iceland believe in the existence of elf and fairies and that they live deep in the woods bringing good luck to those who treat their habitat with kindness? Well, it looks like the inhabitants of Surrey are as well treating their local fairies with ...

This man won a Guinness World Record for his tree that bears 10 types of fruit

Hussam Saraf from Australia broke an interesting record by owning a tree that bears 10 different types of fruit. Saraf lives in Shepparton, Australia where he works at a school as a multicultural officer and considers the peculiar

A resort will now be used to house homeless veterans

A new center for homeless veterans has opened recently on the Central Coast in Santa Cruz County. The resort was rented to the county’s Veteran’s Memorial Building Trustees and is located close to Highway 9, in Ben Lomond.
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