Cake Ball Trees for Christmas

Make this beautiful AND edible centerpiece for your Christmas party! This cake pop Christmas cake is so fun! Kids and adults will love it.

Brigadeiro Cake Recipe

I love “brigadeiros”. They are chocolate balls made with cocoa, butter and condensed milk, rolled in chocolate sprinkles. They are a common treat in Brazil. Brigadeiros are bite-sized chocolate sweets.

Lifelike ‘Succulent Cakes’ Turn Prickly Plants into Delicious Desserts

Succulent plants are still very popular on social media and as home decor elements, but what about cakes that look like succulents? This new trend has taken the Internet by storm and Jakarta-based Ivenoven seems to be leading the game. Her floral cakes have gathered a lot of attention, ...

Space-Themed Birthday Cake Reveals an Entire Universe When Sliced

Sci-fi enthusiasts are going to love this next cake, which is also a great birthday surprise idea for someone who loves space. The amazing multi-layered cake was created by Naushee or Pedagiggle, and she baked it for her 4-year old son who loves outer space. The exterior is decorated ...

What a smart idea to keep the bugs out of your salads at your next barbecue or picnic!

Nightstand Chair Transformation

An old piece of furniture offers so many new possibilities and can be a great supply for your next craft. If you have a large garage or some available storage space, keeping your old furniture until a great tutorial comes along, seems like a good idea. If you haven’t got a stash ...

Learn How to Make a Bunny Cake

The festivities of Easter are pretty far away but with Valentine’s Day out of the picture this year, it’s pretty wise to plan ahead; especially if you are enthusiastic about occasions to show off your gastronomical talent. Here is a suggestion that blends passion for food ...

How to Make Perfect Soft, Medium and Hard Boiled Eggs

Boiling eggs can seem like a real scientific process sometimes, as it is very hard to nail the perfect consistency. If you want to become a boiling master, then this handy guide might prove to be useful. You can have the perfectly boiled yolk in just a few minutes, depending on your ...

Edible Cowboy Hats

Cowboy Hats: Chocolate dipped Pringles potato chips + Rolo + Red Licorice . . . on red/white checked napkin.
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