Pull Apart Pizza Bread Recipe

Here’s a great recipe for anyone, who loves pizza and likes to cook. It is quite easy to make and can be perfect as lunch, dinner or just an evening snack when you have your friends over. It will take you 10 minutes to prepare all the ingredients and 30 minutes to cook the pizza. ...

Baked Apple Chips Recipe

If you crave something sweet, but also something that is healthy and won’t make you gain weight, than this next light snack will be just perfect. This next recipe will teach you how to make apple chips real quickly. You will need:

Braided Nutella Bread – Video

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Caramel Apple Jello Shots Recipe

It’s a mystery of life why when we’re young we play pretend we have grown-ups lives, and when we get old we tend to act like children. But we shouldn’t stress ourselves with this; instead turn it into an occasion for celebration. And what other way to celebrate but by

Slow Cooker Melted Chocolate Tutorial

Desserts can be harder and harder to make, especially if your `clients` are teenagers. Their taste buds have had a lot of training throughout the years, with all sorts of industrial candy bars and sweets hammering at their disposal. So, you can fight the past habits or you can use ...

Natural Pancake Recipe

“All natural” food has become more and more of a necessity and less of a fad. So don’t shy away from making your dishes without processed materials. The importance of this kind of cooking is that you get your tasty dish gluten free and low on calories (under 250 for ...

Strawberry Heart Pie Recipe

Many people think that the secret to making a very good dish or dessert lies in the ingredients, the filling or the plate used in the process. You will be (pleasantly) surprised to find out that you can achieve a great result without having to know much cookery, but have a nice touch ...

Mini Nutella Cookie Cups Recipe

A perfect dessert could always include some Nutella. The chocolate piece of heaven has sparked many creative recipes, from bread to cakes; these miniature cookie-cups aren’t an exception! Here is what you

Swan Cookies Recipe

You would think cookies in the shape of a swan are difficult to make, but in reality they are quite easy when you try. There isn’t much hassle with achieving this creative and yet delicious result, you just have to use any cookie dough, as long as
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