Mini Panda Cupcakes

I found a new recipe for you, one that is delicious and cute at the same time. If you are planning to have a party someday soon, than this is just the recipe you need: mini panda cupcakes. Start with making 12 cupcakes. You can find several types of cupcake mixes at the store, just ...

Halloween Ghost Cupcakes

Here is a great a great and spooky recipe for this year’s Halloween: ghost cupcakes. You will need: 18 medium cupcakes, one 16 ounce box of chocolate frosting, cornstarch, one 1-lb, 8-oz package white fondant, 18 sphere lollipops, one tube of black decorating icing.

Golden Santa Bread

I know that Christmas is still far away but I found this bread recipe and I wanted to share it with you. I am sure that you and your kids will love this following recipe:

Melting Snowman Marshmallow

As the Holiday season is approaching we decided to show you a cute recipe which will be perfect for this Christmas. It is called the Melting Snowman Marshmallow. The ingredients you’ll need are: 300 g of cold butter, 3/4 cups of granulated sugar, 1 large egg, 2.5 cups of flour, ...

Apple Pie In An Apple

If you love apple pies, but don’t really like to bake, than here is a great and smaller version for you. Take some apples, and cut off the top, the carve the inside with a spoon. Fill it with apple piure and add some cinnamon. Next on make a pie crust, cut it in pieces and place ...

Lemon Flowers

This next recipe looks awesome. So, grab your ingredients and utensils and lets get to work.

Happy Bread

Looking for something new to try? Soft pillowy bread all coiled, layered and pretty. It’s a happy time! If you decide to prepare this recipe, below you will find all the instructions you need. All the ingredients and 9 steps are waiting to be used by you. Bon Appetit!

Ornaments Made Out Of Potatoes

Because food seems tastier when it is more eye-catching too. The arrangement of these plates will be more appetizing with these roses. In the next rows, we’ll present you the steps you have to follow: You’d firstly better know that if you use an new potato, the ‘petals’ will ...

Lemon Chocolate Cake

Here is a delicious recipe for chocolate and lemon cake, which will make you want to go instantly to the kitchen and start preparing it. You will need for it: 1 package of cookies 2 spoons (soup) margarine
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