Hedgehog Rolls

Not so long ago, I shared some animal-shaped recipes like Panda Bread, Hot Dog in a Dog, and Sparrow Shape Croissants. Now it’s time for you to admire how lovely does a hedgehog look… in the kitchen. This roll, made of bread dough, with little creation, may look like a ...

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cupcake

What we have for you today is a recipe of delicious peanut butter cupcakes. It will take you 1 hour to make them, which includes the preparation process too, and the result will be amazing.

Yummy Fruit Jellies

Orange Jellies are easy to make and goes well in almost any occasion, from birthdays to office parties. Their vibrant color and shiny appearance will surely attract a lot of attention especially from the kids’ side.

Hot Dog in a Dog

I found a new hot dog recipe and I decided to share with you because it’s really fun. Let the kids help with this nice recipe. It would make a perfect after school snack. In the following part, you’re told the ingredients and you’re also invited to enjoy a video ...

Oreo Sunflower Cupcakes

Oreos and cupcakes: the perfect combination. We will show you today how to make this delicious desert at home. It is easy and the finished product will taste so good, that you won’t believe it. You will need: cupcake mix, Oreos, red M&Ms, black food gel color, food safe paintbrush, ...

Chocolate Cupcakes With a Surprise Strawberry Center

Here’s a delicious desert for the weekend inspired by the LittleMomonthePrairie : chocolate cupcakes with a surprise strawberry center. They are very easy to be made, you don’t need to have any special cooking skills, and they are ready in 20 minutes.

Sparrow Shape Croissants

A good, strong coffee always goes best with something sweet and it has already become traditionally to have it with a croissant. Let’s change a little bit the ‘traditional way’ and replace the moon-shaped croissant with one having the shape of a… sparrow. Your ...

Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Stuffed Banana Bites

If you want to prepare something original so to impress your friends, Don’t wait! … try this tasty recipe! No need to be tasted to know if they are delicious, it is enough just to see what they contain and you’ll get convinced. They are also a good treat for kids ...

Delicious Pizza Roses

We came up again with a creative recipe like Rose Rolls from Fauzia M. Afif because are really good. These creative pizza roses are perfect for when you have guests. We guarantee that they will remain pleasantly surprised, as they are so delicious especially when warm!
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