Upcycled Truck Bed Frame

With a little imagination, these old pickup trucks was transformed into something beautiful.

Street Artist Paints An Amazing Illusion Of A Sphynx Cat On An Old Gas Tank

Streets artists are unfortunately still very underrated, though they can do magic with buildings or entire neighborhoods. Almost every major city has its local street artist which leaves its mark on the city at every corner. In Braga, Portugal he goes by the name of last1 and you ...

Swimming Pools Made From Shipping Containers

Having a pool is every home owner’s dream. It is the perfect place for relaxing and you can avoid crowded swimming pools, especially in these times of social distancing. But pools are usually a big investment, as they need to be custom made for every space and imply serious costs. But ...

Original Volkswagen Beetle Repurposed To Create A Fashionably Old-Fashioned Mini Bike!

Everyone’s all-time favorite, the Volkswagen Beetle has been repurposed by a creative builder into a something called a „Volkspod”. Brent Walter, who identifies himself as a „maker and builder of a variety of things” reimagined the iconic car in the form of an old-fashioned ...

Antique Bread Slicer Restoration

Restoration of an old and rusty bread slicer from the year of construction 1920. Restoration and repair. I bought the bread slicer for $10 on ebay. After almost 100 years, the knife was very badly rusted. You could not cut bread anymore. The wooden boards were very damaged. There ...

Horseshoe Drink Holder with Bucket

Here’s a great idea this summer. This drink holder can hold up to 8 drinks and a bucket full of ice and drink refills. This can be found in the link below…What do you think?

Silverware Fisherman Wind Chime

Perfect for any porch or yard. Driftwood dingy gently will rock in the breeze producing a delightful mellow sound. Spoon Fish and Fishing Poles are upcycled from vintage and antique Silver Plated Flatware.

Discarded Coronavirus Face Masks And Gloves Rising Threat To Ocean Life, Conservationists Warn

With the entire world stuck in a lockdown provoked by the outbreak of COVID-19 and factory activity on hold plus traffic closed, pollution levels in the air have dropped to a new low since the modern age. But unfortunately, this does not mean that pollution has come to an end, as ...

Turn an old globe into a pendant light!

Vintage world globe recycled into pendant light. This lamp puts out a decent amount of light. Looks great in a dorm room, classroom, office, or anywhere you want. These are available in the link below… Need something customized? Don’t hesitate to ask!
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