Columnar Fruit Trees: Ideal for growing in tubs on patios or balconies


Miniature Patio Fruit Trees
This selection of three dwarf fruit trees are ideal for smaller gardens where space is at a premium.

Apple Red Spur
These specially sourced Spur apple trees have a columnar, upright, non-spreading habit. Bred in the east of Holland, these dwarf apple trees are used to very cold temperatures in winter. These apple trees will bear an abundance of delicious fruit in late summer/autumn. As they are self-fertile, this means they can produce fruit by themselves. However, a greater yield of fruit will be achieved by buying both varieties.

Apple Golden Spur
The same as above, except producing bright green apples.

Dwarf Pear Lilliput
This tree is self fertile and produces delightful blossom in spring, followed by fruit in summer. Lilliput pears are similar in taste and texture to the Conference Pear.

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  1. Wendy says:

    Where can I order these trees

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    Was wanting to order but no place to enter

  3. Pamela Poteet says:

    Would like to order some but can wher I can

  4. Steven Beeler says:

    What are the nutritional value of Hybrid fruits?

  5. Suz Hawkey says:

    What is the recommended USA planting zone for these hybrid fruit trees?

  6. Pauline says:

    Where can I order these

  7. Emperatriz Delgado says:

    Where can I order these trees?

  8. Dave says:

    Stark Brothers nursery has been selling these for decades.

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    where do you order

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    Where can I order these what is the website?

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    Where do you order these plants?

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    Where can we order these?

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    Definitely iiinterested…my older dwarf trees are dieing

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    Were can l order these dwarf trees please

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