Couple Turn a Bus Into Their New Home

couple-turn-bus into-a-new-home-3

9 Responses to “Couple Turn a Bus Into Their New Home”

  1. Dolphin Puncher-Baby Seal Beater says:

    I bet he donkey-punches his wife nightly…….

  2. Sandy says:

    yeah we saw lots of people who used old school buss for campers . some put two greyhound busses together & made a home out of them . yep gotta do what ya gotta do. don’t worry bout what other people think their not paying your bills. and its alot less expencive to live in

  3. Sandy says:

    One on our road used an old semi refer trailor cut holes in for windows, & doors put a bath room in it & made their own house trailor out of it.

  4. Eddie yonks says:

    What an assinine pointless comment.

  5. Arturo says:

    This is a very nice Idea. Love it.

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