Cozy Log Cabin for $16,000


Lugarde Lyon Log Cabin: The Lugarde Lyon Log Cabin is the ideal alternative to living in a brick built home, this can be used for many purposes with ease. The Lugarde log cabin or comes with two double bed rooms, 1 full bath room, second toilet room, kitchen area with dining space, entrance hall, dining room, living room, utility room. 4 casement windows , 2 single tilt and turn , 2 fixed windows with ventilation grates 5 solid panel doors ( one of which opens to the right) 1 folding door, 1 toilet top hung door window, all windows and doors are fitted with double glazing and includes all internal walls.



Lugarde-Lyon-Holiday-Home-3 Lugarde-Lyon-Holiday-Home-plan Lugarde-Lyon-Holiday-Home-plan1

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18 Responses to “Cozy Log Cabin for $16,000”

  1. Dustin Burnett says:

    Is this a mobile home cabin?? I’m interested

  2. Josh Higgins says:

    Where can this be purchased?

  3. jeneane says:

    How can I buy?

  4. Samantha says:

    how can i buy one of these please email me info

  5. erin says:

    Plz send contact info

  6. Carla says:

    I too would like to know where to buy!?

  7. william miller says:

    i would like to get some info please my number is 423-948-0819

  8. sue brown says:

    I want to buy kit

  9. Dana Roberson says:

    I want to buy one and have it built in central Texas. Dana

  10. BILL LAWSON says:


  11. Chris says:

    I find this level of “bait them” promotion sickening. The Cozy Log Cabin for $16,000 and the plans that you publish has nothing to do with each other.

  12. NICKI says:

    What is the website to the cozy cabin so a person can purchase. I find it odd that a link to the company website wasn’t included. A link should have been included if you could not give a phone number and etc. I wait for feedback which I hope to receive. Beautiful home design very modern yet cozy.

  13. Pat White says:

    Where can I buy plans for cabin????

  14. Caty Ortega says:

    I need information, please.

  15. Jonny says:

    This is a stunning log cabin the Lugarde range is excellent, love the interior also. A beautiful log cabin!

  16. Cathy Powers says:

    How do I find out more and do
    You ship to the US ?

  17. Kim Thomas says:

    I’m interested in looking at more of the log cabin kits

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