The BEST Camping Ideas, Gear, Tips & Tricks

7. This box is genius if you want to convert your cargo van into a camper in seconds.

The box is worn comfortably on lateral folding handles and simply placed in the trunk. No self-assembly nor forgetting or losing anything because everything is mounted. The box fits through any standard door and takes less than 1 square meter floor space. More details here…

8. Freeze gallon jugs of water to keep food cold. You can also melt to drink!


9.  Cook Bacon and Eggs…in a Bag!

Bacon-And-Eggs-In-A-Paper-Bag more deatils here…

10. Keep your toiletries handy.

camping-tricks-ideas-4 Buy this from here….

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  1. Michael Mackin says:

    Where can I purchase item #3 (camp kitchen/chuck box) on your list?

  2. Cameron Roberts says:

    Where can I find info about item 7 in English.

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