Custom Rolling Deck Fitted Pools


Adding a pool to your home is a big step, but one other element should also be taken into consideration when creating the perfect ambiance outdoor. We’re talking about a rolling deck. With the amount of comfort received,  that’s totally worth the investment. We invite you to check out this next page that has a beautiful offer of Custom Rolling Deck Fitted Pools to inspire you or make you want to order a piece in the near future. The French company Savoie Piscines & Spas will help you refine your project, define your needs and choose the perfect rolling deck for your pool. What is so special about a rolling deck? When it’s closed, your pool becomes a lovely terrace for tables and chairs for you to lounge on. The weight resistance is of 200 kg per square meter. Check out the models available and imagine how cool they will look in your yard and with your pool.




18 Responses to “Custom Rolling Deck Fitted Pools”

  1. Alan Brown says:

    what is the largest size that you make ? I am building a home with a long rectangular pool about 10″x 22″ is this something you could accommodate ?

  2. Sally alattar says:

    I have swimming pool i want to coverd with the same mecanism

  3. Jennifer Hargrove says:

    Need contact information on how to order and pricing for the rolling cover Plunge pool

  4. Pramendra Swami says:

    Need information regarding rooftop swimming pool

  5. Eddie says:

    Who can install these in the San Diego area?

  6. Jalal says:

    Nice. I need to make it in my house in jordan. How can I prosed

  7. Sue says:

    I need need consultation as I’m interested in this option for our pool.

  8. Kat says:

    Very interested in a company that could install in California – every one that I have found is located in France and does not have any information for the United States.

  9. Darlene says:

    I would like a quote for Washington state… can it be a raised deck?

  10. Dawn Stevens says:

    I am very interested in this cover need sizes and pricing

  11. Hans Schullin says:

    My pool is in Graz/Austria. It is at two sides (meeting at a corner) surrounded by porfido (stone), at the two other sides it is infinity type (made of nirosta steel). 5×9 m. Do you install also in Austria?

  12. Betsy Franjola says:

    We have an existing 11×20 ft rectangular fiberglass pool. I would like information about how to install the covered decking. Thank you

  13. Gavin sutton says:

    Hello, can you please provide contact details so I can get a quote. Regards, Gavin

  14. Mary says:

    please send link for pricing and options

  15. Jack Black says:

    I’m looking for such a pool cover in New Jersey. Any ideas?

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