Cyclist Replaces Tires With Sawmill Blades So He Can Ride on a Frozen Lake

Riding a bike in Winter can be unpleasant, not to mention dangerous as you can easily hurt yourself by slipping on ice. But what if you would still love to ride your bike in the cold season, without having to spend your money on insurance in case it goes wrong?
You can let this amazing product, made by an engineer using the pseudonym The Q, inspire you into finding the optimal solution. The Q created a bike for those who live in remote areas, where frozen lakes are a common issue in Winter and he decided to tackle the problem creatively.

He replaced his bicycle wheels with circular sawmill blades and turned them into an „Icycycle”. This way he can use it as a giant ice skate across the frozen lakes from his ara by bike. The sharp blades installed by The Q, cut directly into the ice layer, and to be able to move from one place to the other, the engineer needed to add extra metal parts to each blade. By fixing this problem, the bike didn’t get stuck anymore in the ice and The Q even posted a video on his YouTube channel, with him riding his bike on a frozen lake. You can follow him for more cool tips and unusual inventions, just make sure to stay safe and don’t try them at home.


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