Different Type Of Art: Stacking Firewood








7 Responses to “Different Type Of Art: Stacking Firewood”

  1. Kate says:

    Trouble is, when you need to start using that wood, it messes up the art. Just sayin’

  2. pattiemelt says:

    So where’s the ‘how to do it right’ part? All I see is pics of artistic stacking, nothing about the right way to stack.

  3. Barbara Kroeker says:

    At the very end are a few small pictures that describe how to properly stack firewood.

  4. Maggie Kennedy says:

    As I live in New Zealand (sometimes called the Shaky Isles), I’d be worried about what would happen to some of those wood stacks in an earthquake. Just sayin!

  5. Randi says:

    Awesome article with some really amazing art! As you said, this looks like it requires a LOT of patience, maybe more than I have lol. Maybe I will try my hand at making my own little artwork like this too!

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