DIY 101 Mason Jar Decor Ideas


Mason jars are one of the loveliest and cheapest craft supplies ever and the projects you can try out with them are infinite. You can buy a mason jar in any large supplies store or use one that you already have at home, so the financial investment of your project will be really small. Mason jars can be transformed is so many unique ways, creating modern and romantic decorations for your home. Here are 101 of the greatest Mason jar projects you can find on the Internet, each more beautiful than the other. Our favorite is the Mason jar patio light, that will instantly create a stunning atmosphere and change the entire look of your yard. Make sure you take a look at each of the 101 selected projects, as you will surely find at least one that you love. Don’t forget to try them out in your spare time.

1.Lavender Flower Mason Jars

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2.Fairy in a Jar

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3. Mason Jar Kitchen Set

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5. A super simple Valentine’s Day drink everyone is sure to LOVE- Cupid Floats!!!

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6. DIY MASON JAR LIGHTS…for Valentine’s Day!

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3 Responses to “DIY 101 Mason Jar Decor Ideas”

  1. Linda says:

    Only shows 10 ideas, not 101.

  2. Becka says:

    Linda, I think it’s meant to read “DIY 101” , meaning easy to do, as opposed to 101 ideas. It’s a little misleading.

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