DIY Cute Owl Cake


When you first see those cute animal or cartoon character shaped cakes, you might think a sculptor or another great artist might have been involved in the baking process. The truth behind works of gastronomical art like these is a good use of geometrical spacing and shaping. We will gladly show you just how easy it is to make an adorable owl cake, suited for any baby shower or children birthday, managing to instantly turn any frowns at a party into smiles. Not to mention it can be very tasteful as well! Here is what you need to have and do:

• cake mix (2 boxes);
• icing (a brown jug and a yellow jug);
• one 13″ round pan;
• two of 9″-inch round pan;
• aluminum foil;

It is quite simple to build the owl after you made the cake dough (follow the instructions for baking in the oven). Use the smaller pans for the big eyes, a large one for the body and the other one for cutting-out the head, wings and feet. As you can see from the picture, the pieces that need trimming are simple do produce. After you assembled them properly on a foiled baking sheet, start icing your cake. The lighter shades of icing should highlight the inner sides, like the eyes, body, respectively beak and feet.



2 Responses to “DIY Cute Owl Cake”

  1. Debbie Smith says:

    Thanks for the owl recipe going to make it for my daughters 27 birthday on 22june she is made mad about owls

  2. Israel Solano Chavez says:

    Me encantan los bhuos, soy Licenciado en Derecho (abogado)
    Y el bhuo es el emblema de nuestra Facultad incluso en casa llegue a tener de mascota una bhuita y le llamaba Juanita
    Gracias y reciban bendiciones

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