DIY Pallets Playhouse






7 Responses to “DIY Pallets Playhouse”

  1. Trish says:

    about how many pallets did this project use. I want to start saving and would like an idea of how many I should get.

  2. Jenny Cargill says:

    This looks awesome I have custody of a grand daughter she is nearly two is this easy to build I would like her to have a play house but cant afford one so this is probably the only way she can have one

  3. TomLeeM says:

    I think that is really well done.

  4. Kalvin says:

    The amount of pallets will be based on the size and condition of the pallets. I was able to build it using 15 large pallets and had to also purchase a couple of 2×4s at home Depot for the framing.

  5. Meghan Markle says:

    Great! thanks for sharing a nice idea to build a diy pallets playhouse.

  6. Harley says:

    How do I get step by step instructions for this??

  7. Bronwen says:

    Hi there. Where are the instructions of how to build this and measurements?

  8. Matt Ruholl says:

    Anyone have the blue prints or parts list for this house?

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