DIY Woven Hexagonal Coaster


Even though weaving might seem like an outdated practice, the beautiful result the technique can deliver is worth mentioning. The décor of your home can benefit substantially from a DIY project like this. Whether it’s a beautiful hexagonal coaster or a rug, the intricate looking pattern of the woven project we’re suggesting you try will be worth your while. For this idea to come to life, you will need a hexagonal weaving tool (which you can make on your own if you’d really like to), some yarn (preferably in two colors so you’ll have a more beautiful result), needle, thread and a pair of your trusty scissors. Once you gathered all of the supplies, follow the instructions from the photo guided tutorial. You can try a few of the patterns provided if you like a more impactful coaster on coffee table. Either way, this piece of DIY will improve your room’s interior.








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