How to Draw a Rose


Not anyone of us can draw, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try or that we are not passionate about drawing or painting. If you would like to surprise someone with a unique and personalized gift, then drawing them a flower would be a nice option. This way they will have something to remind them of you and also a gift that will last much longer than a regular flower. Follow the steps below to create a sketch of a rose, which you can color afterwards. You will need:

• a pencil;
• a piece of paper;
• an eraser;

Start by drawing and S shape, just like the one in the picture. This will be the base of your rose and you will construct the rest of the flower around this part. Then continue with making the other parts of the rose as shown in the second sketch. Follow the red lines for guidance in each step. It’s ok if you do some mistakes; just use a eraser and then carry on. Gradually add the petals of the rose and then add some shades with the pencil in the middle of the flower. This will make the rose stand out and look more natural. Find a nice frame, that fits the sketch add a cute ribbon and your gift will be ready. Don’t worry if the sketch won’t be perfect, what matters is that it came from the heart.


2 Responses to “How to Draw a Rose”

  1. Hope Monday says:

    that’s just simple. I like it. my way is complex though(not like I draw it one way) but I really like this. can teach someone

    • Sankarshan says:

      pretty nice to draw a rose like this . This is the rose I drew when I was 5 then draw became my hobby , afterwards when I am 12 my drawings won a few national & local competitions .

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