Dutch Oven Cooking Sets


The grill is 11″ X 16″ , and the height of the grill can be adjusted by chain. A lid lifter is also included. Painted with black high temperature grill paint. Ships in a 42″X 11″x 6″ package that weighs 28lbs. This Portable Dutch Oven and Grill Cook Set is available below…

Fire Pit Horseshoe Grill



Dutch Oven Cooking

Santa Maria Style BBQ


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9 Responses to “Dutch Oven Cooking Sets”

  1. Åke Dejemo says:

    Love it. If it works without you have to put the wood on fire – you can use the wood again and again…?

  2. Amanda Bond says:

    Want! Super. Please supply details of how much etc. Oh YES!

  3. Lisa says:

    These pics are from 2009 and this set is no longer on their website. Dumb.

  4. Celesta Fox says:

    Please provide details on where to buy, how much, etc. Thank you.

  5. Naomi says:

    Really, you are able to sell these? My husband and his friends make these at work for the heck of it.

  6. Cheryl Kreiger says:

    click the writing under the last pic. It takes you to Amazon where the price is $255

  7. Angela says:

    What is the cost of this? I can’t get the website to open, so that I can check.

  8. helen says:

    $310.00 on amazon

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