Easy DIY Hinged HOOPHOUSE for Raised Bed

Then I drilled out a sink hole to allow the head of the bolt to fit “inside” the wood for the brackets. I spaced the holes to fit seven hoops. Since my bed was almost 400cm the spacing came out to be 65.5cm.

This is what the brackets looks like after I assembled it with M10 bolts and nuts. Tighten well.
Attached the brackets to the board. The head of the bolt fits in the pre-drilled holes.
Then it was time to place the 16mm 2 meter long pvc pipes to the brackets. The arch stands about 85cm tall.
Here is a link to Christopher Brandsdal channel: https://youtube.com/cwbrandsdal

4 Responses to “Easy DIY Hinged HOOPHOUSE for Raised Bed”

  1. Kim says:

    Oh my gosh! You should NEVER step on your soil – it will compact it! But the project IS awesome.

  2. Donna Tritto says:

    Would this work for tomatoes?. This is a neet idea

  3. Debra Bolton says:

    Please include a Pinterest link

  4. Alberto Mathews says:

    Super idea. Built three of these. Thank you.

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