Gorgeous Cabin Fully Furnished





Price:US $24,999

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  1. Dorothy Baggett says:

    Information please

  2. Rick jones says:

    Why the rule not transportable for sale over into Canofduh? Canada? Curious because we love what we see. I see some other outfit has the same picture of the cabin and asking $43,000 I think thats plageristic?

    RIck Jones

  3. Lynne says:

    I would love to see more information on the kits and pricing. These are absolutey beautiful

  4. Sandi Cole says:

    Love the cabins

  5. Brenda staker says:

    Love the homes how much for the kit

  6. Tessa L . Burkhamer says:

    These r so beautiful….One day I will own one of this!

  7. Holly Tidwell says:

    live in Arkansas & has much would a fully loaded one cost ? My so wants one & if it’s in my price range I’m getting him one as wedding present !!!! Thank U !

  8. Holly Tidwell says:

    What Is the price of one fully -loaded ? I need to get my son a wedding present if it’s within my range ! He WouldLOVE It ~ thanks for any info U can give me —–

  9. Lisa says:

    What a fantastic site. This site covers many home options
    It’s a great site to browse through when contemplating, planning or even dreaming of ur next, new, or first home!

  10. Denise says:

    Love it, do you build for any one and on someone’s property?

  11. Patricia says:

    Do you deliver anywhere and can the cabins go solar?

  12. Jeff Hannah says:

    How much is featured cabin ? Basic with central heat air

  13. shari says:

    How do I find out more about the builder and the locations from where these pictures were taken?

  14. I am interested in the 2BD, How much do you charge for delivery and setup?

  15. MaryRose Layton says:

    Want to purchase the furnished log cabin, please send information.

  16. MaryRose Layton says:

    Cant imagine you can sell many when you can not return information requested to people who are actually interested in purchasing cabin.

  17. Kathy moss says:

    Would like information on prices and sizes, floor plans.

  18. dawn hays says:

    More info on cabins please

  19. Jeri Phillips says:

    would like more information please. Love what I see. And it sounds affordable too!

  20. Carter Cap Mckinney says:

    Its a very small single wide park model mobile home.. and you can look at rv sites they sell them all day long.. all they did was set it on a foundation and built a deck around it.. not hard to find at all

  21. Sandy says:

    Gorgeous cabin indeed! Is possible to include more interior pictures in your future posts. Most of the time we get only exterior pictures on your site.

  22. Patty says:

    There’s a link at the bottom of the article for more details, right under the floor plans.

  23. Mary Johnson says:

    More info please.

  24. Mariann says:

    Is this available in Australia

  25. Jan H. says:

    Can you purchase them pre built? Not possible for me to build. Actually interested in 2.

  26. Dave Dearstyne says:

    Looking for more details, also does price include delivery

  27. Terry says:

    Is there a website on these? Can they be delivered to WA state?
    Does an individual have to be liscence to build?

  28. Michele John says:

    Info please.

  29. Crystal H says:

    Please send me more information on these homes!! They are absolutely beautiful !!

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