Gozdne Vile Glamping


Have you ever heard of `glamping`? You didn’t? That’s all right, you landed on this page because you wanted to learn new stuff. So, this concept revolves around offering camping experiences but at a glamorous level of comfort. And yeah, did we mention it encourages the use of all natural materials. These Gozdne Vile huts are a perfect example of just what `glamping` is all about. Made entirely from wood (untreated and organically grown!), from the walls to the roof and the floor, covered with larch shingles, to the furniture (chairs, table). The inside has two beds and the commitment to natural materials can be also noticed in the bed linen. You have the possibility to glam to the full with an outdoor hot tub, made from and powered by wood as well. With a cost of only 50$ per night, you could benefit from the advantages of being close to nature and of having the comfort of a stylish and quite modern residence. Make your romantic trip outside the city one totally worth it. Not to mention the `glamping` way of camping is suited for families as well. Try it for a night and see for yourself that you won’t want to leave.







4 Responses to “Gozdne Vile Glamping”

  1. Frank Donner says:

    Perfekt, kleine Küche noch und ich ziehe sofort ein.
    Schön diese kleine Hütte.

  2. Design Rumah says:

    Very beautiful and nice minimalist home design and support of this nature very soothing atmosphere and beautiful

  3. Tom says:

    Very nice ! But where to book or find the web page of “Gozdne vile” ? Please share the link !

    Thanx, Tom

    • Tom says:

      found it:


      Price: 51 – 61€ /night for 2 persons

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