House on Wheels: Awesome Tiny House Model



  • House Length: 20′ (21′ with front compartment)
  • House Width: 8′
  • Road Height: 13’5″
  • Trailer Size: 20′ x 6’11” (8’6″ outside wheel well)
  • Main Room: 11″ x 7’3″
  • Kitchen: 5′ x 7’3″
  • Bathroom: 3′ x 7’3″
  • Loft: 7′ x 7’3″
  • Height Under Loft: 6’10”
  • Loft Height: 3′ 2″
  • Main Room Height: 10’6″




Tiny Living Plan Package

4 Responses to “House on Wheels: Awesome Tiny House Model”

  1. Dolphin Puncher-Baby Seal Beater says:

    Why would you have the door open into the house? You eat up usable space in doing so. It might be “standard” but I would rather have the door open outward to the outside.

    • george says:

      that’s fine but to answer your question it’s safer and easier long-term to push yourself and a door forward when entering that than to backup on steps to accommodate a door swinging out.

  2. Me says:

    AND you can better protect yourself if an intruder were trying to enter (not that there’s really anywhere to hide).

  3. Lucy says:

    Why not a SLIDING door ? It will occupy ZERO space !

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