How To Build a Fold-Down Greenhouse


If your home isn’t in such a harsh and cold environment, you won’t need an entire greenhouse to protect the plants you worked hard throughout the year to grow. When you feel some tough weather approaching, make sure you’re ready with the drop-down greenhouse. This handy DIY project will allow you to have a beautiful and un-hidden garden while still being prepared for any kind of weather. The structure is not that heavy but still so sturdy a mild autumn wind won’t tear it down. Be careful not to leave any plant touching the structure, because it will conduct the cold to anything it touches. With a few PVC pipes, plastic sheet, and some cutting, you will be able to provide your plants with a quick and reliable piece of protection. Follow the instructions from the link below to the letter and make your own fold-down greenhouse in a few hours.

List Of Tools:
hacksaw, jigsaw, or miter saw
rubber mallet or sledge hammer
spring clamps
¾-inch soil/garden auger drill attachment (optional)





To assemble our fold-down greenhouse, watch the video here or download this printable How to Build a Fold-Down Greenhouse PDF guide.

13 Responses to “How To Build a Fold-Down Greenhouse”

  1. Robyn says:

    Directions are for pvc version but I am more interested in aluminum design pictured here as well. Could you please provide plans or link for that version?

    • Justin says:

      The aluminium tubing can be assembled from old tent poles (cheapest option at your recycle centre) and then tape the tubing to the sheeting, all the poles should be mounted to one peg at the rear so they fold out.

  2. Denise says:

    Please provide directions for aluminum design pictured.

  3. cf says:

    For aluminum, can’t you just substitute that for PVC? Thank you for this terrific design! I have just the place for it. My question is, if I use planters on legs, ~3′ high, do I need to make it taller to protect against cold? Just wondering if there’s a minimum distance between plant and cover re the temp, or this is more to be able to stand under it and/or give room to tall plants. Also I’d love to know how to make one like this that is 4-sided rather than a lean-to; I want to protect young fruit trees in an open area.

    • Justin says:

      Just double the sheeting. Or if you live in a cold climate, use black sheeting instead of white to draw in more heat, this will however require more watering, so if you plan to automate water cycles as well you could very much do that too using hydroponic solar water pumps.

  4. Sue Harper says:

    What is the plastic?

  5. Helena Scherpenzeel says:

    the link is no longer working

  6. Rich says:

    Neither link works, PDF nor video.

  7. Paula says:

    Link is not working.

  8. Kim M Campbell says:

    The wall I want to put this against is wood, should I use a layer of plastic over the side against the wood to protect it?

  9. Carole Paschelke says:

    The links are no longer working. who can email me the link or the plans. Thanks

  10. kb says:

    ebay has something similar for under 50$

  11. kb says:

    sorry ebay has a similar design with shelves for. $150 not 50

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