How to Build A Western Saloon Kid’s Fort






Build A Western Saloon Kid’s Fort – Materials, Tools and Instructions by jhawkins14

14 Responses to “How to Build A Western Saloon Kid’s Fort”

  1. Greg says:

    instead of making it look like a saloon and promoting the idea that drinking is a good thing, put a door on it and make it a bunk house!

  2. Greg's Wife says:

    Quit posting this crap Greg and come home. You’re drunk.

  3. Gregs ex wife says:

    Ohhh greg, now i remember why i fucked your brother. Cause you are a loser!!!

  4. Greg's Mom says:

    Dammit, Greg. This is why I told you not to move out. I don’t care if your you’re 43 years old.

  5. Greg's best friend says:

    I got more beer can I come over??? It’s only 2am

  6. Not Greg says:

    So I’m guessing Greg grew up with a Western Saloon instead of a house in a tree…

  7. Gregs friend says:

    Drinking if happy, drinking when sad, drinking on funeral, drinking to relax, drinking on birthday, drinking because its weekend, drinking because its a day!! Yes drinking is your kultur, you all have a depressing life style!

  8. Gregs Gay Lover says:

    I love you for all your prohibition talk! Lets get high baby!

  9. Gregs Dad says:

    Grow a pair and pass me a cold one, cupcake

  10. Greg's Kidnapper says:

    Ok! We give. We’ll agree to the $1 million. Please let us know where to wire the money and when you’ll come get him.

  11. Greg says:

    You don’t know me

  12. Greg’s Labrador says:

    Oh pleasepleasepleaseplease I love beer can you just do me a solid Greg and spill me a bit o’beer? Pleeeeeaaaassse::eyes::

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