How To Make A Bookshelf Chair


This awesome chair is a true masterpiece. It is a bookshelf chair, that can be built at home with a bit of skills and patience. Such a great chair can be very expensive in a furniture store, but making it yourself will save you a lot of money and will feel great after completing the project. This chair is perfect for those who like to read and want a comfortable sitting place that allows them to surround themselves with books. Just imagine how great it would be to sit in this chair, relax and read a book on a rainy day. And what’s even better is that the stylish look of the chair makes it a true statement piece so once placed in your room, you don’t have to worry about the decoration as this chair itself will transform the look of your entire room. Visit the link for more details and a great tutorial on how to build the bookshelf chair at home.







  • Kevin on said:

    Nice looking chair, but this is not really a “how-To”. It’s more of a pictoral diary of someone building one. No instruction (which is kinda necessary for a How-To). No dimensions. There are a number of spots where it’s not exactly clear how to get from one picture to the next.

    • Tiredof Stealing on said:

      That’s what happens when websites steal the blog posts of others.. but if you look at the last page, there’s a link to the original article.

      There’s even a .pdf instruction sheet on the original site here:

  • April on said:

    This design is genius!! My 7 yr old grandson has a small bdrm. This is a great way to combine seating & storage for his books (which we both love)!!! Now the books can be accessible instead of up high on shelves on the wall!! I’m always worried about the sturdiness/safety. Genius!!!!

  • Nancy on said:

    I was looking at your “tutorial” for making a bookcase chair. Love the idea! However, one thing is definitely missing and that is the measurements for the chair. I see all the lovely pictures and the supply list but NO measurements. Can you possibly send them to me? I would really appreciate it! Thanking you in advance! Nancy

  • Ricky Villarreal on said:

    Instructions not clear, got cat stuck in anus…. But seriously lol horrible instructions. What is the size of the chair. I can also barly notice a vital step that is crucial to the weight bearing part which isn’t shown clearly at all. Also what are the screws? #8? #10? All u got is Just a bunch of pics

  • No instructions, not enough information, and what the heck is “6x8ft of 2×1 inch pine strips” or “4x8ft of 2×2 inch pine”?!?!? Did you mean 6 separate 8ft pieces of 2×1” pine strips and 4 separate 8ft pieces of 2×2″ pine??? No screw size, just length?!? Would love an actual how to, so I can build one for my lady.

  • Janice on said:

    To get the dimensions start with the size if the cushion you want to use
    You could make this a love seat or sofa. You already have the height of the deck (the plywood that the cushion sits on) if you have another chair or sofa to measure. Cushions are usually 24-27″ wide . So make the deck 54″ if yiu want a love seat . I’m thinking that the original design didn’t have measurements so that you can adjust it to your own requirements. Only you know how many and the size of your books. Keep in mind that large format books may not fit unless You make the space for them . I would suggest using the back to “display ” the “coffee table ” books and “floating” (the back of the chair is not facing the wall) the chair in the room so the back can be seen. check with furniture building websites to get technical issues resolved. Come on. ….figure it out. You’re a reader. The answer is in the books. Have fun.

  • Love the idea, but there is a lot of wasted space underneath the seat! What would make this even better is to put in 2 drawers at the bottom (taking out the strut on either side of the centre at the front). As books and wood is heavy, maybe use those plastic boxes with wheels, the ones they sell for sliding under a bed? You can always cover the plastic with a bit of the same material as the cushions.

  • Maybe I’m getting to old but come on people! If you can’t figure out the details from these pictures, maybe building this chair is beyond your skill set!

  • Geneva Davis on said:

    I am 87 years old and I could build that chair myself. Just looking at the chair tells you how to do it after getting the materials needed
    I have put a lot of furniture together so I know I could build this chair

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