How to Turn an Old Broken Refrigerator into an Awesome Rustic Cooler

Step 2: Breaking Down the Pallets Fridge-Cooler-3



Step 3: Processing the Pallet Wood Fridge-Cooler-8

Step 4: Taking Apart the Refrigerator


Step 5: Painting the Refrigerator


Step 6: Adding the Pallet Wood Siding


Step 7: Covering the Doors with Wood Fridge-Cooler-14

10 Responses to “How to Turn an Old Broken Refrigerator into an Awesome Rustic Cooler”

  1. fred says:

    the compressor of your refrigerator is not design to work on the side! the oil wont came back and this nice idea will only work for a couple of week till it blow off

    • Really! says:

      Fred…’s not going to be plugged in and used as a “frig”. All of the mechanics are removed. It’s a COOLER you put ice in then drain when melted.

    • Justan Jenkins says:

      i suppose that would be why we are using a BROKEN refrigerator.. and removing all the electronic parts.. and using it as a ICE chilled cooler… instead

    • PK says:

      Uh – the compressor was totally removed, the coolant drained and all mechanical parts disassembled prior to re-working as shown. It was a NON-WORKING fridge – and instead of being tossed into landfill, it has been up-cycled into something incredibly useful and beautiful.

    • Doug says:

      Damn you fred! Why didn’t we think of that? Why couldn’t you tell me this BEFORE I laid my kitchen refrigerator on it’s side, and started sanding and painting it?!?

    • Kira says:

      Article title… “How to turn and old BROKEN refrigerator into an awesome rustic COOLER…”

  2. Susan says:

    We have a lot of outdoor cushions and need a place to keep them out of the elements. This would be great outside water resistant storage.

  3. Nick Hellums says:

    That’s why they disassembled it.

  4. Linda Neely says:

    I like the storage idea too. I guess you could do that when you are not using it as a cooler. Great idea Susan!

  5. Julie Mast says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial and idea!
    Our back fridge just died on us so I am going to start on this project this week just in time for Memorial Day Weekend and other upcoming Summer events.

    Quick question – Do you keep this under roof when its not being used? I didn’t know if weather-proofing the wood would be a good idea.. Has anyone done this? If so, what product did you use?


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