Husband Gives Wife A Birthday Cake Shaped Like Her Favorite Thing: An Amazon Prime Package

Waylon McGuire thought about surprising his wife for her birthday in a unique way: ordering a cake that looks like her favorite thing.
And this favorite thing is an Amazon Prime package, as Waylon’s wife is a very active online shopper, receiving 2 or even 3 packages per week.
The cake looks amazing, as it resembles the package perfectly, even having edible label tags and tape around it. At first, Waylon’s wife, Emily thought that she received an actual package from Amazon but once the surprise was revealed she found it hilarious.
So, the excitement in this cause was doubled, first, she thought that she received a package and then she was overwhelmed by feelings of joy caused by the surprise cake.
The ones responsible for creating Emily’s dream cake are the bakers from Sweet Dreams Bakery, North Carolina, and the cake cost $50. The entire cake is edible and took 8 hours to make, but in conclusion, it was worth the wait.

Waylon’s wife, Emily McGuire thought the cake was absolutely hilarious, in fact, she actually thought it was a real box at first.


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