Into the wild: living off-grid all over Europe – in pictures

living-off-grid-all-over-Europe-7 Attila in the Carpathians, Romania, 2013

living-off-grid-all-over-Europe-8 Jean in Sierra de Cazorla, Spain, 2013

living-off-grid-all-over-Europe-9 A girl taking a bath in the Carpathians, Romania, 2013

living-off-grid-all-over-Europe-10 A composting toilet, Sierra Nevada, Spain, 2013

living-off-grid-all-over-Europe-11 Man in the Swiss Alps

living-off-grid-all-over-Europe-12 Tschinka, Pyrenees, France, 2013

living-off-grid-all-over-Europe The Pyrenees, France, 2012

All photographs:: Antoine Bruy

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