Man Builds Tiny Village for Adorable Family of Mice Found Living in His Garden

Simon Dell is a photographer who adopted a family of mice that live in his garden and built a tiny wonderland for them.
One day when he was outside photographing birds, he noticed something tiny moving in the grass. Taking a closer look, he saw a mouse standing on two feet and decide to adopt it as a pet. Little did Dell known that his garden was home to an entire mice family. After befriending the mouse, Dell decided to build him a small outdoor shelter and stacked logs upon a box covered with moss and straw. After a few days in which he organized photoshoots with the tiny mouse, Dell noticed another one and decided to build the two a common home. By building the tiny spaces and decorating them with hollowed-out fruits he not only made a home for the mice but also a setup for the upcoming photoshoots. Dell’s creativity resulted in a series of adorable photos of the mouse enjoying their comfy life in his garden while doing all sorts of activities, such as eating treats or posing near tiny bikes.
If you wish to see the entire set of pictures, follow Simon Dell on Facebook and you can also keep updated about the tiny rodents.

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