My Little Romany Wagon


The next step was to add the side rails as framework for the ledge.


With the ledge in place, it was now time to begin the framework for the door.


Once the door frame was in, I began to add tongue and groove shiplap plywood as an exterior,


Believe it or not, I just used a painters canvas and even untreated, it actually repelled water pretty well, that is until you touched it. As soon as i touched the inside the water began to drip inside.


To get the shape of the bow top, I actually found a photo of a bow top gypsy wagon and projected it onto the wood siding at night with an opaque projector. This was not as easy as it sounds. Projecting can look great, but unless you are constantly measuring and making adjustments, the image can be totally distorted and really screw things up!

I also made the framework from recycled cedar from an old deck that was remodeled. Each piece had to be made from a cardboard pattern, which took forever getting them to fit together correctly.

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