New Ways to Remove Hard Water Stains


When you think of water, you don’t tend to remember it as a nasty problem in the kitchen. On the contrary, we are all tempted to see it as an ally in our `battles` with staining problems. The truth is that hard water does represent a real issue for the appliances in your kitchen. It can leave ugly and deep stains especially on your sink. There are a lot of solutions promoted on the Web, but there is a sure DIY version which will get rid of this problem. All you need is the following:

• a spray bottle;
• a quarter of a cup of lemon juice;
• any dish soap;
• a bottle of vinegar;
• a regular sponge;
• some baking soda;

Begin with applying the baking soda on the stains and let it work for about 5 minutes. Take warm water afterward and rinse those stain spots. Now, mix the lemon with half a spray bottle filled with vinegar. Pour in dish soap until you can pour no more. Shake the bottle hard and spray the contents on the stains once more. A half an hour of waiting is enough before you star scrubbing away with a regular sponge. The warm water added after will make the sink almost as good as new!

photo source: Diy Confessions


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