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Photographer Captures A Rare Octopus With Transparent Head

The ocean hides an infinite universe that most probably will never be discovered in its entirety by mankind. Divers and photographers have long tried to capture the hidden gems of the ocean and came back with amazing shots many times. (more…)

This Stunning Home Is Built Into A Cliff Above The Sea

The concept of Casa Brutale is not for the faint-hearted, as the house is set on the edge of a cliff, facing the Aegean Sea. The masterminds behind the project are the people from OPA (Open Platform for Architecture) and its modern layout is enclosed in a cliff, isolating it from the outside world. (more…)

Geologist Finds Rare Formation Inside Rock That Looks Exactly Like The Cookie Monster

Geologists have the opportunity to witness the beauty of nature in real-time and be the first ones to discover new formations. California-based geologist, Mike Bowers, discovered a peculiar looking rock formation in Soledade, Brazil. (more…)

Couple Spends 20 Years Planting an Entire Forest and Animals Have Returned

Sebastião Ribeiro Salgado is a Brazilian photojournalist, had a traumatizing experience nearly 30 years ago when he was documenting the terrible events he witnessed in Rwanda during the genocide.
After returning home, his initial plan was to take care of the family business, (more…)

This Street Artist Transforms Cement Blocks into Amazing Illusions

Illusion art is great, as the possibilities it offers are endless and Portuguese artist, Odeith is a master at it. He uses spray paint to create his works and concrete blocks as a medium, and the results are stunning visual pieces that come to life right before the viewer’s eyes. (more…)

Sunflower-Inspired House Moves Towards the Sun Just Like Plants Do

Keeping up with the ever-changing modern world is not easy, but architecture is always an inspiring area to look into to find inspiration and learn more about the world.
Modernism architecture emphasizes the reconnection with nature and creating spaces that not only look amazing but are also functional. Koichi Takada launched a challenge for architects and (more…)

A Skull Toilet

Bernie’s Mittens Crochet Pattern

Crochet your own Bernie Sanders doll! This pattern has many photos to help with all the details this doll is made with including hair, glasses, the mask and mittens. (more…)

German City Installs Sleep Pods for Homeless

Being homeless is a burden in itself, not to mention that in the cold season it can be even more painful. Low temperatures pose real life-threats to people living on the streets, so city councils are constantly searching for alternative shelter solutions in the Winter.
Germany has a population of almost 860,000 homeless people and a company from Ulm is leading the way in building safe spaces for people living on the streets. (more…)

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