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Tiny Treehouses Are Meticulously Handcrafted Within Bonsai Trees

The art of bonsai requires a lot of care and patience, and for some people, it is more than a simple hobby. For the animator, Dave Creek making miniature art using bonsai trees was one of his passions. He is mostly known as the main character designer for Bob’s Burgers and he sadly passed away in January 2021, following a skydiving accident. (more…)

Beautiful Garden of “Transparent” Flowers Bloom in a Japanese Temple

These translucent flowers are not an optical illusion, as they are the creation of the design studio LUCENT by Takahiro Matsuo.
The floating flowers are part of a garden installed at the Rakuchu Kansei Art Exhibition in 2021.
The installation was named Transparent Flowers and the illusion of the blooming flowers was created by attaching them to steel wires. LUCENT’s work can be found in the Sennin No Niwa Garden which is a creation of Mirei Shigemori, a contemporary Japanese landscape artist. (more…)

Whale Shark With Over 50 Fish in Its Mouth Wins Underwater Photo Contest

The Through Your Lens Underwater Photo Contest is organized by Scuba Diving magazine and has a long tradition of 16 years.
Each year the contest opens to readers around the world as they are asked to submit their best underwater shoots, and this year a record of 2,600 images have been sent to the judges. (more…)

Photographer Captures Unique Image of the Moon Disguised as Saturn

Francisco Sojuel has decided to climb the Acatenango volcano on 2019th Christmas Eve and snapped one of the most beautiful shots of the Moon. He is a Guatemalan photographer and was settling in at the volcano’s basecamp when he observed the Moon looking peculiar that evening. It was surrounded by a ring of clouds and as it was just before sunrise, the clouds made the Moon resemble Saturn so Sojuel decided to take advantage of this unique occasion. (more…)

Natural Snail Shells Are Extremely Rare – Snail Shell Collection

Check out our snail shell selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our embellishments shops. This is available in the link below… (more…)

Cute Dog Treat Maker

These dog treats are the perfect homemade snack for your canine companion! The Dash Dog Treat Maker’s nonstick plates heat evenly to cook fresh treats in minutes, and the nonstick surface is easy to wipe down for simple cleanup. Our Recipe Guide contains easy-to-make dog treats that you can create with unprocessed ingredients already in your home kitchen. (more…)

Crawfish Table Top

Get your Fresh Crawfish, Mud Bugs, or Crayfish then get this handy mold Barrel Top Table which can be used for a Bar-B-Que Table or Crawfish Table! Our New Easy to Clean Plastic Crawfish Table is made with durable Polycarbonate material. It fits perfectly on a 55-gallon Barrel, with a hole cut in the middle for easy trash disposal to the drum. (more…)

A simple and sweet little way to create rock garden art!

A simple and sweet little way to create rock garden art! With a bit of creativity you can make some little garden features. What you need for this DIY-project is some paint and a brush. For more inspiration you can read a special book “Rock Painting Fun for Everyone!” by Lin Wellford. (more…)

Learn How to Make a Bunny Cake

The festivities of Easter are pretty far away but with Valentine’s Day out of the picture this year, it’s pretty wise to plan ahead; especially if you are enthusiastic about occasions to show off your gastronomical talent. Here is a suggestion that blends passion for food with that for art. Try to make this cute Easter bunny cake and give kids a reason to be more interested in this holiday, and the kitchen as well. (more…)

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