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Couple Turned Shipping Containers Into A Unique Northern Territory Experience

Who would have thought that shipping containers can be turned into minimalist cabins? Roger and Vivian Latham, both have a very artistic eye and managed to turn some regular shipping containers into a beautiful tiny mansion.
The property is located at a 90-minute drive from Darwin, and besides hosting their home, it is also the place for a music camp and tourist accommodations. (more…)

This 2-story Motorhome with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom can detach to be its own tiny home

Mobile cabin homes are usually all the same: tiny, on wheels and with a similar design. But this micro cabin can be detached from the vehicle that is transporting it and this is such a cool twist. It called the Haaks Opperland campervan and is a two-story tiny cabin placed on a compact Fiat flatbed truck. (more…)

DIY Backyard Pergola With Built-In Fire Pit

Summer nights are perfect for drinking wine and cozying up with your loved ones. If you want to have a special place for get-togethers in your backyard, then you can build a pergola with a fire pit in the middle.
This DIY pergola project has other cool elements besides the fire pit, such (more…)

A photographer captured breathtaking images of a ‘horizontal rainbow’ over a lake in Washington

Nature never ceases to amaze, you just have to pay attention to see all the tiny, fascinating details. Luckily, there are lots of talented photographers out there who are in contestant search of perfect moments and every once in a while, they manage to capture them on camera.

This amazing picture of a horizontal rainbow was photographed by Cessna Kutz from her (more…)

This Squirrel Feeder Is So Cute

If recently we showed you a Nut Bar Squirrel Feeder here is a new cute idea for squirrels. This squirrel feeder is handcrafted in Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to rot thus requiring no finish. Check it out in the link (more…)

This is a Fully Solar Powered Electric 1973 VW Bus Camper

It is becoming clear that electric cars are the future, so this means that building electric campers should also be a priority.
Brett Belan and his wife, Kira are both camping enthusiasts who also try to live a sustainable life. So, when they bought their VW bus, they instantly started thinking about ways in which they can turn it into a solar-powered electric camper. Brett’s passion for building cars started 12 years ago when he built his first solar-powered vehicle, which was a mini golf car. (more…)

See the Incredible Skeleton Flowers that Turn Translucent When it Rains

Have you ever heard of Skeleton Flowers? They are a type of woodland blossom that turns their petals transparent when coming in contact with water and the results are breathtaking.
The flower’s scientific name is Diphylleia grayi and it is a (more…)

Wooden Truck Display: Great way to show off and store all those toy cars!

This is a unique gift for fans of HOT WHEELS cars. The shelf is made of 1/2″ thick Baltic birch, and is very durable and sturdy. It is available at the link below…


Dining table with a hidden puzzlegame compartment

Here’s an awesome custom kitchen table with secret puzzle/game compartment. A gaming table can go in many different directions depending on your personal preferences. A table needed to be a solid and durable dining table first and a functional gaming table second.
An elegant Gaming Dining Table that contains storage as well as various inserts for gaming, playing cards, puzzles, or family projects. (more…)

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