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Cute crochet pattern! ADORABLE Christmas tree hat is so much fun to make! The pattern includes an EASY beading technique and a tutorial for working the REVERSE single crochet stitch. Sized from Newborn up to Small Adult!   These are available in the link below… Continue reading “Adorable CHRISTMAS TREE HATS!” »

This Jet Engine Camper Took Over Six Years and 1,000 Hours to Build

People have converted lots of objects into houses, from grain silos to cars and even containers, but this next transformation is even more ambitious.

Jones, who is an aerospace mechanic, has been working on something very special for over the last 6 years and he invested 1000 hours of work in his dream. He got the engine nacelle of a 1967 Vickers VC10 airliner that served in the Royal Air Force and transformed it into a camper. Sounds unbelievable, right? Continue reading “This Jet Engine Camper Took Over Six Years and 1,000 Hours to Build” »

Amazon Is Selling A Tiny House Cabin Complete with 5 Rooms

There is almost nothing that can’t be ordered on Amazon, and this cabin is the living proof. Once you start browsing, you will enter a black hole of infinite cabin kits on Amazon, that can be ordered to build a cabin by yourself.

Allwood Avalon Cabin Kit is just one example and will help you build a 750 square feet tiny cabin, perfect to be used as a holiday home. The finished cabin will have a living area with a kitchen and bathroom and 2 bedrooms, plus Continue reading “Amazon Is Selling A Tiny House Cabin Complete with 5 Rooms” »

The Moominhouse – is simply magical

Moominhouse is a fictional house, where the Moomins live, in the tales by Finnish author Tove Jansson. Its tall, round shape is said to be patterned after the porcelain cocklestoves behind which the Moomins’ ancestors used to live.

Moomin World is a theme park based on the Moomin books by Tove Jansson. It was designed by Dennis Livson and located on the island of Kailo next to the old town of Naantali, in Southwest Finland. Continue reading “The Moominhouse – is simply magical” »

Toddler Target is a potty-training dream!

Toddler Target is a potty-training dream!

No mess, no stress, easy and fun for all ages! Designed to help your toddler with his aim game, Toddler Target is the latest in potty training tech for day or night. Offering a fully adjustable design to fit any toilet. This is available in the link below… Continue reading “Toddler Target is a potty-training dream!” »

How To Make A Plastic Hanger Snowflake

DIY projects are so much and very instructive, as they stimulate creativity. Parents are highly encouraged to start such projects together with their children because it will help them develop their creative thinking.
The best DIY projects have another important thing in common, namely recycling. When building something new, it is always good to take a look around the house first and see if there is any object that can be recycled. Continue reading “How To Make A Plastic Hanger Snowflake” »

Meet the Frogmouth, One of Nature’s Most Elusive and Fascinating Birds

Bird watching has enjoyed growing popularity in the US in the last years and can be a nice way to spend more time outdoors with friends and family.
Kids can become especially fond of birdwatching as there is so much to learn while observing birds in their natural habitat. One of the most interesting bird species to spot out there is the Frogmouth, which looks like an owl, but it isn’t. Continue reading “Meet the Frogmouth, One of Nature’s Most Elusive and Fascinating Birds” »

Photographer Captures The Majestic Beauty Of Stags

Max Ellis is a stag obsessed photographer/illustrator from London, England.  “There is nothing much more regal and awe inspiring than the sight of a monarch stag wrapped in mist and steaming breath at first light. Capturing images of these majestic beasts is both challenging and inspiring, its like going back in time to a simpler world and I will never cease to be enthralled by it.” Continue reading “Photographer Captures The Majestic Beauty Of Stags” »

Hooded Woodland Moose Blanket

The finished product is so beautiful! The pattern is easy to follow.
Wrap yourself in this cozy Hooded Moose Blanket. Perfect for cuddling, play and display. Our Moose blanket features an easy plaid stitch pattern with YouTube tutorial! Hoof Continue reading “Hooded Woodland Moose Blanket” »

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