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Crochet Easter Bunny Hat

Just in time for Easter! This hat can be made with or without the bow and is perfect for your little Easter bunny! This is available in the link below… (more…)

Lego is finally making its iconic bricks from recycled plastic

Lego is producing a lot of plastic that will eventually end up as waste and contribute to global pollution. But the company is finally taking steps towards becoming more sustainable and has revealed its prototype for Lego bricks made entirely of recycled plastic. (more…)

New study: Crows are self-aware just like us

Crows have already been known about their superior intellect, but recent studies have added even more depth to this discovery. Members of the corvid family have been observed to process events happening around them and try to come up with the appropriate response.
This is the first time such a relationship between cause and action has been observed in corvid behavior. (more…)

Turn vintage door knobs turned amazing wall hangers!

Doorman will hold your keys when you arrive home. Feel free to hang your bag or coat on it. Make sure you always keep your bag and keys within reach.Doorman will open a door to a whole new home decor revolution! This is available in the link below… (more…)

New study finds birds give people as much happiness as money

During the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people started appreciating nature more and wished they had a remote place to live far away from the noise of the city.
Due to the reduced traffic in lockdown, some birds even returned to big cities and could be heard chirping in the morning. Researchers who have conducted several studies on what makes people happy and how can happiness levels be increased, found that money can truly buy happiness, but there is something else to add here. (more…)

Potato Planter Box

Every time when you think of gardening you are also struck by the fact it requires space? You shouldn’t be! With all these DIY solutions out there, having your own garden in the balcony is very simple. One way to accomplish this is through the vertical handmade small garden suitable for growing potatoes. The plans are 9 pages of details for easy and sturdy assembly. Estimated cost of material is $35. Get the plan form the link below… (more…)

Hot Tent Camping In Snow

Hot tent camping in winter during snow fall. camping in snow storm with lightweight hot tent and wood stove in the forest on this winter camping adventure. Learn more in the video below… (more…)

This Gorgeous Floating Tiny House Is The Ultimate City Escape

A floating house on the water where you can also feel safe? Sounds like the perfect and most relaxing home. So, if you would like to have your tiny island, without spending a fortune, you can invest in a floating house just like this one. (more…)

Glass Insulator Planter

Insulators can be used for a lot of arts and crafts projects, but they are most perfect as planters. These types of insulators were used mainly for telephone and telegraph wires and became most popular as a design object in the 1960s. (more…)

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