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Couple build tiny cabin from SCRAP for just £1,000 so they can save for a deposit


Here’s a story about an inspiring couple from Britain and the house they built from recycled materials, in less than a year, investing just £1,000. Christian Montez ( 29 ) and Kyra Powell ( 28 ) could not afford to buy a house, so they found a way to build one in just nine months and on a budget. For their , which has a width of 2.6 m and 3.8 m height ( 16ft by 8ft and standing 12ft tall) they needed official approval because this type of construction is not framed by authorities as permanent residence. To create a window upstairs, the couple used an old washing machine door and this decoration is their favorite idea that they managed to include in the design. (more…)

Do-It-Yourself: Detail Your Cars Upholstery!


Cleaning your car can be a messy job, especially if you have kids who tend to spill all sorts of stuff on the backseats. So if you want a stain-free car and also stay inside your budget, then you should try this homemade cleaning product that will work its magic on your car seats. This winner product contains the following ingredients: club soda, blue dawn dish soap, vinegar, scrub brush, spray bottle and steam cleaner. As you can see all the ingredients are natural, (more…)

DIY Faux Crochet Outdoor Boots

The notion of crochet boots sound a little bit funny, right? Well, not for an arts and crafts enthusiast, who knows no boundaries in creativity. So if you’re looking for a cool piece that can spice up any outfit, then you can make these amazing faux crochet boots. What you need to do is cover a pair of regular boots with colorful year and create a very cool faux crochet effect. They to making this right is to make sure that you use good quality yarn that won’t tear apart. (more…)

DIY Boot Dryer


Drying your wet boots can give you some headaches, especially if you need them the next day. As boots are usually made from thick and resistant material, once they get wet the drying time will seem an eternity. But not anymore, as this next clever hack is going to show you how to dry your boots in a quick and efficient way. You will only need a hair dryer and a set of PVC pipes to create your own boot dryer. You can practically use this homemade dryer for different clothing items or shoes, (more…)

How to Make Affordable Outdoor Planters Using Hypertufa


Buying pots for all your flowers can leave a deep hole in your budget, but what if you could make your own pots? Since flower pots can easily break, you need to look for cheap and durable materials if you want to create your pots. That’s why Hypertufa pots could be a great alternative to regular terracotta pots, as they are very resistant and also lightweight. Making these type of pots at home is not that hard, you just need someone to show you the right technique. (more…)

DIY Pallets Garden Bar


Decorating your garden can be an expensive move, especially if you want to buy all the garden furniture from a store. But if you have some old pallets that you can recycle and are looking the make an awesome entertainment area in your garden, you are in the right place. By using only a few pallets and being creative enough, you can design your own pallets garden bar and have fun in the sun together with your friends. You can make the bar itself and the (more…)

10 Chicken Water Station Ideas


If you have decided that you’re going to raise chickens in your yard the following year, then you’re going to need a lot of info to prepare in time. Raising chickens at home is not an easy work, as animals require constant care and attention. But don’t worry, as you can take it step by step and start with building the coop and maintaining it. If you’ve already found a great homemade coop project, then you can proceed to creating a watering station for your chicks. (more…)

DIY EASY Beachy Concrete Coasters


Outdoor decorations shouldn’t be expensive if you make them yourself! The DIY community offers a lot of possibilities, from furniture to little pieces, such as wooden decorations or these lovely concrete coasters. The stuff you can achieve with a bit of patience and some cheap materials. A few colorful stones, some coaster molds and rapid set cement will allow you to make cute beach themed DIY coasters. Watch the video tutorial provided on this webpage and begin construction (more…)

Cozy Kamp-Rite Double Tent Cot


Have you ever wanted to sleep more comfortably when you were on your camping trips? If that thought crossed your mind even once, then the cot is the right answer for your needs. Particularly, the Kamp-Rite Double Tent Cot. The tent cot featured on this webpage can house 2 people and it is fully enclosed with 420-denier nylon sides. With 11 inches off the ground, you don’t need to worry about moisture, thus making sleeping more comfortable. (more…)

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